1. Jen

    Thank you for this article and yes it takes much discernment and study to realize what is taking place. It is so visible that the ‘wool’ is being pulled over peoples eyes by the wolves in sheeps clothing. Case in point, an old friend had posted a picture of a book that she was “reading”. The author was Henri-Nouwen! Through private messaging, I gently tried to shed some light on the author and suggested your website for her thorough investigation. Instead I received her very blunt response… ‘I love everything contemplative!’ That ended the discussion and she blocked me. How disheartening not for me but for her to be so blinded and unconcerned and ultimately offended that I would care enough to share truth! In the church today, seekers go only for the experience evident by the worship music and feel good topical sermons. People look at me funny when I try to shed light on what is taking place. The enemy is so crafty and cunning. I see why our Lord stated that the road home is narrow and few find it.

  2. Anna Rosa

    Yeah, influenced them alright, right down the apostasy broad road to destruction! Wow! And we truly see the sad influence this has had when most professing Christians won’t even bat an eyelash at one of these names being mentioned in a positive light within a ‘Christian’ setting when nothing could be further from true Christianity!

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