22 Comments on Psalm 23 – The Faithfulness of God

Vicki said : Guest 8 months ago

I love this explanation of psalm 23. Thank you very much. I needed this as I am still & will continue to grieve for the passing of my husband of 33 years. This has come at a good time. Thank you Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

CW said : Guest 10 months ago

I learned this psalm at age 5; I attended a Christian kindergarten at a local church, but not the church my family attended regularly. What a tremendous blessing that was! Although I couldn't begin to grasp those powerful and comforting truths at that age, still the beauty of that scripture gripped and blessed my heart then. At age 8 I began attending a weekly Bible memorization program for girls, and Isaiah 53:6 was the very first verse I had to learn. From that time on, "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way. And the Lord has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all." has been written on my heart and never left me even during the years when I wasn't seeking the Lord. Today, decades later, those (and many other) scriptures are written on my heart. God's Word is powerful! All of Psalm 23 ministers to me in a wonderful way. The phrase "He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies" has become very, very real to me in the last recent years. I have experienced that personally. The love, truth, and power of God are expressed clearly in His Word from Genesis to Revelation, and transform our lives as we abide in and meditate on His Word. Thank you so much for posting this marvelous article! Blessings to you. :-)

Rick said : Guest 10 months ago

He restoreth my soul - Brings back my life from destruction; and converts my soul from sin, that it may not eternally perish. Or, after it has backslidden from him, heals its backslidings, and restores it to his favor.

Valentina said : Guest 10 months ago

This is right on time. The breakdown is BEAUTIFUL. I have been reading this EVERYDAY for sometime. I just can't explain how it makes me feel. It is such a BLESSING in my life.

Deb Schamber said : Guest 10 months ago

This ministered so abundantly to my soul today! Thank you!

Lorena said : Guest 10 months ago

Thank you.

Roberta massaro said : Guest 10 months ago

JESUS died for me and to know this makes me want to please him in all I do. In the name. Of the father the son and holy spirit . Amen.

Rochelle said : Guest 10 months ago

I do my time in the Bible to start my day, wasn't sure this morning what to focus on and God presented just what I needed perefctly. I've never seen this site before, and it was here waiting for me🤗God is faithful!

Andrea said : Guest 10 months ago

God is good all the time.he had brought me through so many good and bad.i like to thank God for all that he do.i'm very grateful and humble for him being with me through it all. in Jesus name. Amen

Patricis said : Guest 10 months ago

Thankyou GOD,EARLY In the Morning Will I rise up and seek Thee.

Anne Charles said : Guest 10 months ago

Thank you so much for bringing prayers into my home Great way to start the day. Many blessings.

Juan Paul Perez said : Guest 10 months ago

I've enjoyed reading this insightful passage. Very detailed. And continually brought back to the topic. Never did I see it stray from its original path . Good job on writing and keeping me intertained.

Mary T said : Guest 10 months ago

If we wait and listen, God will send His word just when you needed it the most. Lord how mercy on my soul. Thank you

Trina H said : Guest 10 months ago

Thank you this really blessed my soul.

Arlene said : Guest 10 months ago

Amen! Blessed Be the name of the Lord. Only My God knows why, I have received this Blessed asurrance message before going to bed at 12:00 am.

Erika said : Guest 10 months ago

Beautiful! Thank you!!

Elda said : Guest 10 months ago

Thank you for your message on the word of God.

Stephanie Chance said : Guest 10 months ago

I Love the THE PSALMS 23 CHAPTER with all spiritual heart. And Soul I love our Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart.. Jesus LOVE YOU!!!

Julie said : Guest 10 months ago

Thank you this is what I needed to hear right at this moment I'm dealing with something from my past and you've allowed me to give it to Jesus thank you

Jeanne said : Guest 10 months ago

Christ have mercy upon me. Forgive me of my sin and lead me on the narrow path to eternal life. All praise glory and thanksgiving to the true God.

Alex Alexandre said : Guest 10 months ago

Lord have mercy on me

RasT said : Guest 10 months ago

All I can say is Lord Have Mercy, don't know how I got this on my phone, But Jesus Christ sure knows. Thank You my friend in Christ!!

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