Letter to the Editor: The Calvinist Book – For Such a Time as This

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LTRP Note: As we head to press with our newest book, Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy, the letter to the editor below capsulates the anguish and concern that many who have written to us or called us have expressed. It’s through such letters that we have come to more fully see what so many are dealing with in the lives of their families and churches.

Dear Editors,

Obviously I have come late to this debate regarding the publishing of Calvinism: None Dare Call it Heresy. And I have hardly read anything of the dialogue attending your announcement. Just seeing your intention to publish has motivated me to write to you. I want to say emphatically that I thoroughly endorse your stand and thank you for your determination to publish the Truth.

At a personal level, Calvinism has had a most destructive, life-altering influence on my family through relatives who had departed from Calvinist Christianity but who have subsequently turned to the occult. We are in a contest with principalities and powers over the future well-being and eternal destiny of some of our grandchildren as a consequence.

The Way is truly a narrow one, and it get’s more obvious just how narrow it is. This is why we need a Savior, and despite Calvin’s doctrine, God predestined a way by which all who fully put their hope and trust in Him will be found in Christ and fit for His Kingdom. This is the only valid doctrine.

Aside from the kind of personal impact I briefly described above, I cannot understand how anyone could believe Calvinism anything other than evil. It makes God out to be a  capricious individual and makes life into a purposeless, cynical, cruel joke. Why go through all the charade when God has already mapped out your destiny; this one to heaven, that one to hell. Why the cross? Such a God would be evil incarnate. But we know otherwise. Maybe Calvinism appears to provide some sort of certainty in a disconcerting age, or maybe it appeals in times when there is little taste for agape. One thing is certain; of itself, it will bare no good fruit. Clearly there are levels of `Calvinism,’ but anyone who even adopts the more benign forms of it lives in cognitive dissonance.

One only has to look at Calvin’s own life and time to see the evil fruit of his doctrine and the reactionary heresies such as the `God within’ we do battle with now. Praise to the Lord that he has always had his true and faithful Church. But it hasn’t for the most part made the highlights of history. It has been mostly hidden behind mists of darkness where the counterfeit is heralded and idolized by historians and theologians.

My wife and I have been in trouble in the `church’ all our lives over the Truth, to the point we are now fairly isolated. I cannot even see how we could start up a fellowship at this point of time given the contempt for our stand on the truth and the slander against us. The deceiver has persuaded multitudes that `love’ trumps truth. But `love’ that is not founded on Truth is not agape at all. When Jesus said the `. . . love of many will grow cold . . .’, he was referring to agape. Agape transcends all other human love which upon reflection has at its heart (though not necessarily exclusively) the benefit of the self. We are indeed at the point in time when we seen 2 Thessalonians 2 being fulfilled before out eyes.

I know you don’t need any encouragement from me or anyone else to pursue your holy course. We appreciate your resolute stand. If anyone needed proof of your validity dear friends, then this moment in time surely provides it. We thank our loving Father for your stand, the encouragement you are and ask Him to profoundly bless you as he will in due time.



  1. Brenda

    “God predestined a way by which all who fully put their hope and trust in Him will be found in Christ and fit for His Kingdom. This is the only valid doctrine.“ Well said, Paul. Amen! God predestined (preordained) the WAY of salvation, not the WHO. Calvinists speak much of God’s Sovereignty. 1 Tim 2:4 and 2 Peter 3:9 tell us that God *desires* ALL be saved. What hinders a Sovereign God from fulfilling His will? Thank you, LT, for your stand for God’s Truth. God Bless & protect you. ~Brenda

  2. George

    I dont consider my self a calvinist, but i just cant ignore the doctrine of election that is so clearly taught in scripture. How do you people get around that? (Other than the personal opinion that you dont like the fact that God chooses?)

  3. Frankly Frank

    Wow, some of the comments above do confirm my greatest fears. According to a couple of them, LHTR and the independent fundamentalist types who follow you are THE remnant – the true believing “mist” of a few believers who made it through the early church, the medieval period, the Reformation and into today’s Protestantism. I realize (or assume) that you all wouldn’t actually say that, but your constituency are a little frightening and at least some believe it. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church that seemed to think only the Baptists would be in heaven. Your tradition must be similar. Another lesson learned from LHTR.

  4. ruth james

    I got saved despite being raised in a calvinist home and attending a calvinist grade school high school an d college. Where I live I am surrounded by Calvinist churches and people. As you can guess…there is a LOT of doctrine discussed and a desire to know God…but little mention of JESUS. Very little understanding of salvation..a lot of emphasis on “I am chosen” and pretty much to heck with anyone else…a lack of evangelism. I must say that the secular people I know speak very poorly of the Reformed church people..they say they act quite righteous and judge others rather severely. I think Calvinism breeds apathy, insecurity and pretty much is a worship of a MAN….not of JESUS.

  5. Anna Rosa

    I am so tired too of the Calvinists creeping in all over and taking over once Biblical churches. Discernment ministries have been ensnared as well by this false doctrine. And these people get so angry it is scary. I recently listened to Dave Hunt’s refutation on youtube and it was an eye opener in many ways. I also got the book. They all use the ESV which is not better than the NIV. They twist every verse into Calvinism and read it into everything and it means just the opposite. Uh, so annoying! I just had to rant again. Thanks.

  6. Sandra

    I thank God Lighthouse Trails does not follow Calvinism. I see many discernment ministries also believing in the unbiblical teachings of once saved always saved. I pray Lighthouse Trails is not one of them. Berean Publishers has been a blessing in my life to learn what the Bible really teaches about salvation. Even here there is room for improvement as the KJV Bible should be used rather than the NIV. I see Slavic Christians trying to hold tight not to go down these wrong paths from American influences. God bless you all!

  7. Eliza

    What John Calvin wrote was heretical & derives from Catholicism, hence his deep dependence upon Augustine. Anytime you attach a name to a body of doctrine you KNOW it is heresy. God is sovereign and yet we are called to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, to put our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior, believe that He died in our stead on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins & rose again from the dead for our justification. By the way limited atonement is an abomination & is nowhere taught in the Scriptures. Just one of the many aberrations of Calvinism. God bless us as we seek to know, follow & obey Him.

  8. MB

    @Marlon Smotherman … First, Armenians are from Armenia. Second, you are misrepresenting Arminians. Third, this is not an either or, if you are not a Calvinist then this does not mean you are an Arminian. Many people fully believe in the sovereignty of God AND our ability to repent and believe … just as Jesus commanded. This does not lessen God’s power and grace, in fact, it magnifies it and Him! These people also believe that God does not condemn people to hell because they do not repent and believe … all while it is impossible for them to repent and believe (i.e. Calvinism/Total Depravity).

  9. Marlon Smotherman

    Armenians think that they are in control and can save themselves with the help of God. God is sovereign, man can’t work for his salvation. Man is saved by grace alone. Maybe some of you that down play Calvin’s views of the Bible ought to read and study what is taught clearly in the scriptures. It’s not John Calvin’s theology but the truth of the Bible. To denie the doctrines of grace and God’s providence in salvation is to deny God. Satan has blinded your minds to the truth of the Gospel.

  10. Jeff Flaig

    Sola Scriptura is a calvinist term. All five Solas come from Calvinism. Once someone uses one of those terms, I immediately go on guard.

  11. Anna Rosa

    The calvinists around here are increasingly annoying also, I can’t even get into it all on here. But there are some great resources that refute them (like this book), not that they will get it since they are blind. But it’s good to know! ( :

  12. Nina Perruccio

    One day I decided to go onto Matt Chandlers Village church website. Looking around I saw where he was writing about why some people don’t Believe in Jesus. He quoted the scripture verse when Jesus was talking to Nicodemus and said you must be born again to see the kingdom of Heaven. Chandler was using the scripture verse to say people need to be born again before they can Believe/Trust in Jesus as Savior. So you must be born again, before your born again. No wonder people run away from Calvinist Theology.It is only a win win situation for the elect. What kind of God are they worshiping.

  13. Trish

    I applaud the courage and the conviction that it takes to warn against Calvinism. It is sweeping through good, solid churches and oftentimes is coming in through Christian radio preachers. I had never heard of Calvinism but I knew what they were teaching was false because I was studying the bible for myself. I had to study this out for myself and it took a lot of time. I am grateful and so appreciate those who are taking the time to warn about the doctrines of Calvinism. And will be adding your publication to my library. God bless you in your endeavors.

  14. Diana

    I know what this man means by being isolated. We live in north Tx. It took us 2 years and searching through 130 churches to find a great church. It is an independent Baptist church. Solid in doctrine and only sings out of the hymn book. Our church is tiny. But all who attend are devout. It took a long time to find it but God led us there. We are being fed the word and growing in faith.

  15. Michael Cieply

    Paul, if you live in the Raleigh NC area, my church, Raleigh First Church of the Nazarene, is led by a classical theist. Sola Scriptura? YES

  16. Betty Petraitis

    Calvinism is a perfect example of doctrines of demons. If Paul and his wife are near Abita Springs, LA tell them to come worship with us. If not I suggest they check out house-church.org They will find likeminded believers there. Praying for the remnant! I love you all!!

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