7 Comments on Lighthouse Trails Sends Out Seventh Booklet Mailing to Christian Leaders

Maria said : Guest 4 months ago

Could you please add Steve Douglass, president of Cru, and Josh Newell, executive director of Jesus Film Project?

Helen Jordan said : Guest 8 months ago

I so love your truths. People need the truth now more than ever. Keep up the good work.

Eileen said : Guest 8 months ago

Interesting that Chuck Swindoll has a book out "The Church Awakening - An Urgent Call For Renewal" He seems to address problems, but quotes alot from Eugene Peterson. Some others he praises makes it confusing.

admin said : administrator 8 months ago

Our booklets can be purchased at our store site, www.lighthousetrails.com, and we do give a 20% off for international orders to help compensate for shipping costs.

Laurellynne said : Guest 8 months ago

Can we purchase these booklets to send out to pastors here in Canada where I live, this is so needed as I know many who allow Lecto Divina and yoga and all sorts of demonic stuff, they have no knowledge of the truth and I would like to give them the opportunity to view some truth. There is not a church within a 1- 1/2 hour drive that we would attend.

admin said : administrator 8 months ago

Ok. We will add him.

Katie said : Guest 8 months ago

Could you add Andy Stanley? He needs it. Hopefully it can wake him up.

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