4 Comments on Trevor Baker – Songs For a Troubled Church

Lois English said : Guest a week ago

I heard Trevor sing at our church and had the privilege of meeting this amazing Godly man. He sings the truth and for that I feel blessed whenever I listen to his CD 's . May God bless and protect him always. 😊

Lila C. Newman said : Guest a week ago

Your ministry is delightful !! I am a 90 yr. old widow ! Keep up the good work , may God bless !!

T. I. Miller said : Guest a week ago

Thanks for bringing this brothers work to my attention. I prefer the meaty words of the old hymns to the vapid milky words of modern uuhhmm songs. I don't know if the younger generations could even comprehend the theological depth contained in them. We have dumbed down public education. We have dumbed down sermons. We have dumbed down so called modern worship music. Compare, " ....oh what a foretaste of glory divine.." , with " oh no He never lets go..." for example. The songs I heard "performed" on Easter had no theological depth. They did no justice to the "passion" of our Lord and savior. Modern songs are full of emotional pablum. You could give in-depth bible studies on the Psalms or the words of a great many old hymns that glorify God.

Nancy said : Guest a week ago

We like Trevor Baker everything he sings is so true. Thank you for the calm assurances that Jesus our Lord is in control. And thank you lighthouse trails for all you do in promoting the path Jesus Christ warning of false teachings and teachers

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