1. Elizabeth Bennett

    This heresy that everyone has God in them and that we are all divine plays right into Rob Bell’s book Love Wins: everyone goes to Heaven. If this is true Bell and Young are saying we do not need a Savior. If we observe what is happening around the world it is obvious that many people are demon-possessed, not divine.

  2. Anna Rosa

    God is separate from creation and mankind, and we are separate from God, which is why the cross was necessary to open the way to be saved for those who receive it. We are separate from the world, its culture, and from sin, the body of Christ is separated unto the Lord in holiness. The fork in the road is coming. We must choose to remain separate in holiness and perhaps suffer martyrdom, and those who unite in ‘oneness’ with sin and the fallen cursed world will have peace for five minutes and then sudden destruction, and the lake of fire after that. The choice? Easy. The Lord at all cost!

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