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admin said : administrator 7 months ago

Hi Hannah, Thank you for your thoughtfulness toward Warren. If you go to his website at www.warrenbsmith.com, there is a donate button. That will take you to his paypal page, and the donation will go directly to him.

Hannah said : Guest 8 months ago

I would like to donate to warren smith . How do I do it as I am in New Zealand. I saw you PayPal. How do I designate the donation to warren smith

Stan & Pat Saas said : Guest 8 months ago

Thank you so much for the update on Warren Smith. It is a joy to be able to bless Warren for all he has shared with us.

Kendra Graber said : Guest 8 months ago

We greatly appreciate Warren Smith, and his wife as she supports him. His experiences in the New Age and his sharing of them have helped us understand the enormity of what is facing our families and churches. And as a side note, the time we got to speak to him personally in a phone conversation, he was as kind as he is in his writings. Kind, yet sharing truth. This has been an inspiration and encouragement to us! Thank you.

Cedric Fisher said : Guest 8 months ago

One of the signs of the last days is that people will not receive love for truth. Thus, individuals such as Warren, a defender of truth and exposer of deception, are not in high demand. However, he is essential in this time of great deception. I believe that the Remnant will understand and respond to help this man of God and his wife.

Richard Hartline said : Guest 8 months ago

Will be helping Warren. A faithful soldier for many years

Anna Rosa said : Guest 8 months ago

I pray that all his needs will be lovingly met by at least some of the multitudes that have been blessed and delivered by his vital ministry, in Jesus' name! ( :

Therese McNerney said : Guest 8 months ago

I will be praying for Warren and your ministry. I thank God for you all. I will contribute as I am able for sure The Lord Bless you all.

Carol A. Morris said : Guest 8 months ago

I pray God will provide all your needs, Warren...thank you for making people aware of the truth of New Age and how it has permeated the culture and the Church...please continue to fight the good fight! God bless you...

Elissa Crawford said : Guest 8 months ago

Good news in Warren's health and his home. We want to help as soon as we can

Todd and Martha Sparks said : Guest 8 months ago

Thank you! You, Lighthouse Trails, Warren Smith and others we have come to know through y'all, are truly a light shining in darkness!! We really appreciate you reminding us of this need! We will definitely do what we can for Lighthouse Trails and Warren Smith! Again, thank you, praying for you all and Great Big Blessings to you all!!

Winnie Gaston said : Guest 8 months ago

Thank you for this update. Life gets so crazy and hectic and although, I follow your ministry and have ordered your materials in the past as well as one or two of Smith's books, I would be remiss if I didn't share this information with my husband and our church. Prayerfully, the Lord will allow us to help in whatever way we can, either personally or as a church body. Our circle of believers is quickly shrinking, isn't it. My heart hurt when Ray Y. and Caryl were both taken so soon on this earth but know they are with our heavenly father today. God bless you.

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