5 Comments on Child-Rescuer Kenneth Miller Released From U.S. Prison After 2 Years

Cedric Fisher said : Guest 9 months ago

The fact that he was convicted of a crime is outrageous. It is indicative of how vile the secular society has become and how weak Christianity is.

Susan said : Guest 9 months ago

This is a classic example of the days we live in where right is wrong and wrong is right. But reading some of his stories and his testimonies I am convinced his time in prison will not be wasted. May there be much fruit as he lived before all the inmates and shared the good news.

nannette said : Guest 9 months ago

It is quite evident that this man is not a hireling. He truly is a shepherd. Beautiful to see.

admin said : administrator 9 months ago

Yes, we do too. Thank you.

Byron K said : Guest 9 months ago

I pray that Lisa and Isabella are safe wherever they are.

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