1. Jeffry

    God bless you Lighthouse. All Christians need to read this Booklet. Harry Ironside would call the Booklet well done. John Calvin infiltrated the Reformation for the worse. He changed words in the Bible to make his Gospel a works-based Salvation. To say Our Loving Heavenly Father sends some people to Heaven and some to Hell is false Doctrine. Predestination means all Christians will be Christ-Like when we go to Heaven.

  2. heather k

    Thank you for publishing this book. I will have to pick up a copy. I am recently finding my church sucked more and more into Calvinism because of a dogmatic new pastor we got. It makes me sad. And yet, very few people seem to question him. At least out loud. He is very self-assured, knowledgeable, and rather smug about his belief, pushing it as the “only way to understand the Bible” and constantly reminding us that “humble Christians have no problem accepting predestination.” So thank you for daring to write the book you did. Calvinism has become quite the epidemic. And it makes a mess of the Gospel. (My church experience with it is here: https://mycrazyfaith.blogspot.com/2018/12/whats-best-way-to-make-people-agree.html)

  3. Pastor Carl

    An outstanding, informative and easy read defense of the faith that exposes the seductive heresy of Calvinism. It really is a book of love that exposes error in hopes that those caught up in it will run from their works based salvation and finally come to rest in the finished work of Christ. Bravo!

  4. Jessica Harris

    Thank you Lighthouse Trails for standing on the truth of God’s word. I have many Calvinists friends whom I love and a few of them have made unpleasant comments to me on posts I’ve shared exposing Calvinism over the years. It never stops me from sharing again. It does sadden me to see a dear friend, who is a Calvinist sympathizer and is in discernment ministry and surrounds themselves with Calvinists, try to rebuke you on your post concerning comments not showing up only on your Calvinists posts. I have noticed that if one surrounds themselves with unbiblical teaching and those that teach it, you’ll be just like them. Keep standing up for the truth!

  5. CHRIS

    Hey Deborah.. our books finally arrived today! How long did that post take? Better late than never Eh? much love Chris

  6. Diana Lesperance

    This is a courageous and wonderful stand you are taking. I support you completely. Calvin tried to set up a tyrannical theocracy in Geneva. When I discovered that he allowed the anti-Trinitarian Michael Servetus to be burned at the stake “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” I knew there was something wrong with the sadistic Calvin. The Salem witch trials were held by the Puritans who were Calvinists. The Second Great Awakening, whose fruit included the great missions movement and the abolition of slavery, was led by Charles Finney. His main ministry was that of overthrowing the false Calvinist teaching that a person could not choose Christ. The religious leaders of that day hated him and wouldn’t let him preach in their churches, but the people rejoiced and cried out in repentance. This generation needs to have the same type of challenge against Calvinism. I know it is costing you…but I’m so glad to see a Christian who only desires to please God rather than man.

  7. Anna Rosa

    Dear Vanessa, Yes most of the Bible refutes Calvinism. But it is helpful to read these books. I read “What Love Is This?” and there is insight that refutes the doctrine of predestination ‘for salvation,’ it is for other blessings. Little subtleties like that make a big difference and I highly recommend it. I know we only need the Bible and the Lord to guide us, but this is a good ministry like counter cult and discernment ministry and you get good pointers on how to refute a heresy. Sadly I think that this is one of the fruits of Calvinism; once you believe in a God who predestines only the elect and He only loves them, then you have good reason to worry that you might not be one of those He loved enough to elect! Or they get truly arrogant! My prayers are with you all for all those friends, I just lost some over this very issue as they are Calvinists.

  8. nannette

    I just got mine. It really breaks my heart. If I try to refute Calvinism to people they call me an Arminian. The church I got baptized in said both Arminism is true and Calvinism. How crazy. You can’t change their mind only the Holy Spirit can guide them into truth like He did us. I had a Spiritual battle when I was first saved at the same time I was going through ‘What Love is This?” by Dave Hunt. Calvinism is a masterpiece of Satan. I have been receiving a former SDA newsletter and it seems that the former SDA’s are leaving SDA for Calvinism. Former Catholic’s leaving the Roman Church for Calvinism. What bothers me most the most popular new Calvinist’s have infiltrated all the churches. They can’t preach a sermon without mentioning false teachers. Such as Frances Chan whom they quote frequently for example. Never mind checking what they say with Scripture. The world is following men (and ultimately the man of sin) and not Jesus Christ our Savior. Blessings.

  9. CW

    In my metro area there has been an astonishing phenomenon of Baptist churches gradually becoming Calvinist, over the last 20 years or so. I have never understood this, as it seems to me their basic doctrinal beliefs about salvation are opposite, not similar. This movement has occurred up to the highest levels of Baptist leadership. Although I am not a Baptist, this is concerning because I know many people who are and are being led in this aberrant direction. Is this movement covered in the book, with explanation as to why this has happened? I am very interested in the book.

  10. Vanessa

    I have been doing tons of research on Calvinism since I became friends with a woman who is Calvinist. By research, I mean studying the Bible and writing down every scripture that refutes Calvinism. I have compiled a list so long it is ridiculous because almost everything in Scripture refutes it. It is amazing how they twist the Scriptures and use a couple of verses taken out of context to prove their whole doctrine, and yet hardly anyone realizes that it is a false gospel because most people don’t know what the Bible really says anymore because most people don’t read it for themselves. It is very sad. My friend who is Calvinist is trapped in chains, as she constantly struggles with feeling like God hates her and that she’s going to hell because she’s not “his”, and her beliefs have even now lead her to a point of pretty much hating God and His Word because she is angry at him because of these beliefs. VERY sad.

  11. Anne

    I would share this article on FB, but I am tired of talking to the wall to my Calvinist friends.

  12. Anna Rosa

    Yes, I highly recommend getting informed on this issue. I see it springing up all around me as well. And those caught up in it do exhibit the same traits as those in the apostasy, they get real snappy with those who don’t see it their way. I’m so glad I read that book on it (the one I mentioned). One of the big heresies about it is that, with all their fuss about being ‘Reformed,’ they totally butcher the Reformation in a key way. We know that from the Bible and our experience, we are saved by faith. But they reverse the order and instead of faith and then salvation as a result, they have salvation and then faith, so you get saved before anything else, which is heresy. Calvin also held to infant baptism instead of belief in the gospel for salvation, so how is that ‘Reformed’?! And TULIP is one false concept built upon another. It is truly worth researching so as to be able to refute it and rescue those trapped in it. ( :

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