1. EP

    I have said no many, many times at school and still do. School assemblies with healing music, mindfulness, reading groups with occult subjects, a certain author, etc. The school is not allowed, by law, to refuse your request. I do send an email request and I explain why. They don’t need the why and probably don’t care but I give them something to reason with rather than just a simple request. My hope is that the Lord wil use it as a seed planted. Don’t use jargon, use a sound explanation that isn’t too lengthy. They won’t agree with you but they will respect your opinion begrudgingly because it will be hard to argue. Make sure you pray before you write it and send it.

  2. Anna Rosa

    Glad at least someone gets it! And that some Christians are standing up. You do NOT have to let your kids do this, or do it as a kid, just because someone in school says so. It is your choice to say ‘no’. I can’t emphasize that enough, just like with Daniel’s 3 friends… they just said ‘no.’ Not only can you refuse, but you must refuse! And I get so tired of these professing ‘Christians’ coming along and saying ‘oh, it’s okay,’ and ‘well, I’m a Christian, and I’m a yoga instructor,’ etc. It’s like, you can’t be a ‘Christian’ yoga instructor any more than you can be a ‘Christian’ baal pagan temple practices instructor! But… some will never get it… and I get that. Like one said in that article… and another something about relating to ‘your’ god but it does not work that way with us, we don’t ‘connect’ with the Christian God through yoga! Thank God for these Christians standing up instead of apathy or wimping out!

  3. CW

    Good for these Christians who are speaking truth! God Bless Them. Heidi McNeeley (who says she “uses yoga to teach the Word of God) needs to be enlightened about yoga, also needs to realize the best way to learn the Word of God is to read and study the Holy Bible! I see that school simply re-defined “yoga” as “stretching”. 🙁 At some point, Christian parents (not just at that school) may need to reconsider having their children educated in public schools which honor other religions but refuse to acknowledge the one true God.

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