1. Joan Z.

    Thank you for this article. Very helpful, especially the list of ways to combat error — all based in God’s Word. And it is especially important to realize that most of the deception comes right from within the church.

  2. CW

    The title of that article said: Francis Chan Warns Those Who Criticize Christian Leaders: “God Will Destroy You.” — How very strange it is that he would “warn those who criticize Christian leaders”, but then simultaneously judge Christians who are sincerely concerned about the truth of God’s Word being ignored, twisted, and even abused by self-professed Christian leaders (why would a Christian do any of that?) — threatening that “God will destroy you!” I read a couple of Chan’s books several years ago and they seemed to be thoroughly Biblical. I’m wondering what has happened in his life which not only affects him but those who hear him and don’t know the Bible well enough to be able to understand and discern the issue. Bible-believing Spirit-filled intercessors need to be praying and interceding more than ever before. I pray the Lord will have mercy on His church in America which has become so seriously compromised, that He will raise up Godly leaders who will lead His people back to the Truth, the only Truth which can make people free..

  3. Andrea

    …and there are those of us who really would like to do discernment and work at it but still need to grow in wisdom. thank you so much for this article!

  4. Tina

    This article was perfect timing for something I am dealing with right now. Thank you and God’s blessings to you.

  5. Anna Rosa

    Right! It is so obvious from the Bible, you think, how can anyone not get it; that we need to refute error and warn against false teachings? If we are *not* doing that, then we are not being loving, we are not being loving by avoiding to warn others of danger. But, we know the devil prowls around seeking whom he may devour, and when you snatch lambs from his reach, you will see the snarl of the wolf’s fangs! Of course the devil isn’t happy. Something would be wrong if he was happy with us. Keep up the good ministry work!

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