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Donald Knapp said : Guest 5 months ago

Having read the letter to the editor, the response and some of the replies, it becomes evident that some of the responses are attempts to explain a dual-truth: God's sovereign grace and man's responsibility & accountability. I appreciated the one who emphasized seeking the Lord with all one's heart, and of our Lord's priceless response that they will "find" Him. That was my very experience as a teenager over 64 years ago. It is sensed that some dear ones oversimplify the inexpicable (of the two things noted previously). We, indeed, were chosen "in Him" before the foundation of the world. However, it was equally my search for the truth which the Lord honored by His nature of loving kindness toward me. It is hoped that all respondents will see the need for balance which I so persuasively learned from Dr. Charles Ryrie in the classroom in Dallas. I now sing, "I am His, and He is mine!" And I rest in Him alone! DK

Kathleen said : Guest 5 months ago

I don't understand why there is so much confusion regarding predestination. God predestined us in His FOREKNOWLEDGE, knowing the end from the beginning, knowing what our responses would be to His gospel. It's that simple. Predestination does not negate free will - Both are completely compatible, and we all have a responsibility to proclaim the gospel, and to pray for the lost.

Jason W said : Guest 5 months ago

Andrew - Calvinist's are hard to pin down. Use different quotes from Calvin or Piper... "Nope, you are misrepresentating Calvinists." Huh? Arminianism comes from Catholicism...??? That's insane. Have you actually read any of Arminius? He wrote extensively against the papacy. He was, in fact, Reformed.

Jason W said : Guest 5 months ago

Joseph Howard - this is not accurate. Calvin, hinself, did affirm double predestination "...All are not created on equal terms, but some are preordained to eternal life, others to eternal damnation; and, accordingly, as each has been created for one or other of these ends. We say that he has been predestinated to life or to death” (3:21:5). “We say, then, that Scripture clearly proves this much, that God by his eternal and immutable counsel determined once for all those whom it was his pleasure one day to admit to salvation, and those whom, on the other hand, it was His pleasure to doom to destruction..." You may. Other believe it but your theology's namesake did.

Paul said : Guest 5 months ago

1 Cor 3:4 Are not the doctrine of Calvinism and the doctrine of Arminianism both men’s thoughts of how they understood Scripture? Why not allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in understanding God’s Holy Word. If you read about these men’s pupils, they also argued over their positions. Neither of these men are alive and their understanding of their positions has died with them. These positions are not inspired writings but are their opinions. Why not search out your own understanding by studying and meditating on the Living Word and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all truth! We are to be of one mind. 1 Cor 1:10; Ph 1:27, 2:2; 1Pe 3:8

Jeffry said : Guest 5 months ago

Profaning Gods true Words. Strong words Andrew. The best of men are men at best. John Calvin's conversion to The Lord Jesus Christ was never written in any of his writings. He did write about his justified infant baptism as a continuation of Gods covenant of circumcision with Israel. Sadly, Calvin was called the Protestant Pope of Geneva. People were executed in Geneva Switzerland for not following Calvin's rules.

Cynthia Christensen said : Guest 5 months ago

I left Mormonism after 38 years of believing in a false Jesus in a cult that is now promoted as "Christian". When I was a young girl, Mormonism did NOT portray us as (mere) Christians, because we had "extra light and knowledge". This set us above, in their words, corrupted Christianity. I sought truth my whole life, and true to His Word, "When ye seek me with your whole heart ye will find me", Jesus revealed Himself to me when I was 48. In my search for a solid Christian church, I attended one in which the Pastor was trained under John MacArthur. This Pastor wanted me to believe I came to Jesus ONLY because I was foreordained to do so, NOT because I earnestly studied and searched for truth and God responded. Albeit in HIS time and in HIS way. As a Mormon I thought I was ignorant because I could not reconcile Mormon doctrine with the Bible. Now I understand it was because Mormon doctrine is false! My former mother-in-law, when asked if she wanted to know the truth I discovered from the Bible declared, "No. I am comfortable in my state of unknowingness." I do not believe God created her to reject Him; she simply has not chosen to seek Him with her whole heart. (And that could still change!) I am neither Calvin nor Arminian; simply a Biblical (Berean) Christian now!

Alec said : Guest 5 months ago

Hi Andrew, Don't know if you will read this, but if so, just a note to you that Martin Luther was not a Calvinist. The Lutheran Confessions (also known as the Book of Concord) do not teach Calvinism. They teach the Biblical doctrine that the atonement was for all men, and that it is accounted to each person who believes, when they believe. Justification by faith is the essence of the Book of Concord. God bless you and lead you (and all of His people) in the ways of truth.

admin said : administrator 5 months ago

Actually Joseph, if you do not believe this view of election (that God does NOT want all to come to repentance) as John Calvin did, then you really aren't a Calvinist. Believing in saved by grace alone and eternal security for the true believer is not Calvinism at all. Many non-Calvinists believe these two things but also believe "for God so loved the world . . . " I hope you will read Pastor Kirkland's book. It explains some of these things.

Anna Rosa said : Guest 5 months ago

Right on! 1. Calvinism IS heresy. Many books on the subject, this one and Dave Hunt's book called "what love is this?", refutes Calvinism perfectly! 2. Calvinists tend to isolate themselves into a corner and start believing that they are the only ones with the true gospel and look at others as if they don't have it, which ironically puts them in the position they think others are in, since we have had the true gospel since the early church time! 3. Aside from all John MacArthur's other heresies, he has stated (and there is video proof) that one 'can take the mark of the beast and still be saved,' when YOU CAN'T! The Bible says in Rev. 14; 9-11 that anyone who TAKES the mark goes to hell, and for anyone to tell you otherwise, well it doesn't get any 'wolfier' than that! Beware, these are the days of deception, and it is deep.

Kerry said : Guest 5 months ago

Dave Hunt wrote a very thorough and detailed book on the teachings of John Calvin called “What Love is This”.

Cheri Mullet said : Guest 5 months ago

Hi. I haven't read your book, but from this letter and your response, I am wondering if it isn't the hyper-calvinism that you are standing against? Or is it all calvinism? I believe there is a difference, although I wouldn't be able to explain it. I know that Charles Spurgeon was reformed /calviniatic, but I read a book that talked about his fight for the faith against the hyper-calvinists. Just curious.

Sola Scriptura said : Guest 5 months ago

Great answer LT...grace and truth.

Jen said : Guest 5 months ago

I find it so interesting the need for people to claim that they are one thing or another. It’s either I am Calvinist, Reformed, Armenian, Dominionist, NAR, Kingdom Now, Catholic, Pentecostal etc. etc. What happened to the old rugged cross? What happened to the simplicity of a Bible believing blood bought Christian? While everyone is busy tripping over labels the true teachings of the gospel are being missed and not proclaimed in the churches today. Last week, the pastor of a church I once attended but occasionally view online, had an altar call with not one mention of sin. Jesus said whosoever would believe… But without further depth of study believe in Jesus for what reason? Where is their conviction of sin anymore? It’s either from one extreme the Catholic guilt to the hyper charismatics you can be a God too?I appreciate your ministry as you shed light on so much deception adding each day to my discernment.

Joseph Howard said : Guest 5 months ago

I too was disturbed by recent 'anti-calvinisit' articles. Your answer to this letter shows that you do not really understand 'reformed theology' or 'the doctrines of grace'. What your reacting against could be termed 'hyper-calvinism'. I adhere essentially to 'the doctrines of grace' but I do NOT believe, "God created most people hating them and wanting to send them to Hell to punish them for something they have no control or say over". Nor do any solid calvinistic theologians. Describing calvinism in that way shows you really do not understand it.

Glenn Weller said : Guest 5 months ago

Dear LTRP, Your response to Andrew was gracious and well done. When Andrew stated "You misunderstand Calvinism and what the actual truth is" it brought back some not so good memories for me. There was a time 10-15 years ago when I would try and debate those who held to a Reformed view and found it to be very exasperating because there is no single reformed view. Thank You! Glenn

Lynn said : Guest 5 months ago

Beautifully stated, common sense, logical reply.

Jerry johnson said : Guest 5 months ago

Perfect response

Debbie said : Guest 5 months ago

I want to thank you so much for so perfectly (with the expectation of a few typos) expressing my deeply held beliefs. It is amazing to me that Andrew does not recognize the doctrines of John Calvin for what they are...doctrines that emminated directly from then teachings of Augustine - one of the early Bishops of what would become the Roman Carholic Church! I am also amazed how those who hold tightly to Calvinist theology believe that those of us who disagree are automatically "Arminian". . . Do they really not know that there are many Christian's who are neither Calvinist nor Arminians but who are just simply BIBLICAL Christian's, disciples of Christ and students of His living Word?? Spiritual deception abounds everywhere - including in the "Reformed" churches which by and large also hold to the false teaching of Replacement Theology and many no longer believe in nor teach a biblical eschatology, but have embraced the false and dangerous teaching of Dominionism/Kingdom Now theology (Tim Keller is a perfect example of a Reformed pastor who has gone way off the rails biblically speaking...even introducing Christian mysticism to his congregation via a "Way of the Monk" workshop teaching the use of "prayer ropes" and other such unbiblical practices.

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