3 Comments on Letter to the Editor: Signs of the Times in Pennsylvania – Yoga for Children/Hinduism for Politicians

Goel said : Guest 3 months ago

I'm a former Hindu now saved in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. It amazes me how Jesus Christ cannot find a home in any school or public office but yoga (Hinduism) has a stronghold. Makes me very sad.

Kat said : Guest 5 months ago

Amen ! Anna Rosa, you are spot on with your comment. Maranatha!

Anna Rosa said : Guest 5 months ago

The only thing not welcome in any place these days seems to be the true faith; Christianity! Anything else goes, no matter how crazy. No room for Jesus at the Inn, now almost 2000 years later.... and still no room for Jesus in this world. But rejoice, He has conquered and will return to reign over all!

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