MSN: “The Single Biggest Reason Why U.S. Marijuana Sales Likely Will Skyrocket”

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marijuana leafLTRP Note: Recently, Lighthouse Trails published a booklet by Linda Nathan titled The Cross and the Marijuana Leaf. Nathan wrote this booklet to show the truth about marijuana. As the use of marijuana continues to skyrocket in the U.S. (as the MSN article below says),  the downfall of the American society will continue as well. Even many proclaiming Christians (especially younger ones) have justified using the substance. Instead of these proclaiming Christians pointing the world to the Light of the world (Jesus Christ), they are telling the world it’s OK to light up and smoke pot. As Nathan’s booklet points out, marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug that can take a user down a dangerous spiritual path.

By Keith Speights

There are more U.S. states that allow some form of legalized marijuana than there are states that don’t. And the numbers are moving more in that direction. Oklahoma voted just a few days ago to legalize medical marijuana. Voters in Michigan will decide on allowing legal recreational pot in November.

An estimated $8.5 billion was spent on legal cannabis in the U.S. last year, according to “The State of Legal Marijuana Markets” report published by ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics. But this amount could be only a fraction of what’s to come. Click here to continue reading.

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  1. Elizabeth Register

    Wisconsin just had a referendum on this and 50% voted to make it completely legal ,14% medical ok. A referendum does not make it legal yet, so my town’s city council is voting next week to make it only a $1.00 fine until it is legal. Nice way to skirt the law, huh? I have been doing battle online with these people, as I am a person saved out of drug use by the Lord. The replies I am given are typical of drug people defending their use, it is in fact how I would have answered. But time has shown what happens in places where it is legal. Miles of homeless, using the street for a bathroom, hopelessness, depression. If this isn’t part of the end times, it’ll do til that happens! I believe it is all part of breaking down our country to lead into the endtimes one world government.

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