5 Comments on Evolution—Scientific Fact or Science Fiction?

Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 5 months ago

An amazing program on TBN, Cable channel 40 in CA, debunks evolution every Saturday at 11:30 a.m. This science program shows that the Bible is a dependable and accurate account of creation and history. I love watching this. It is called Creation in the 21st Century--The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Bob said : Guest 6 months ago

Every human lives by some type of "faith". The foundations of true science is test and repeat within a time construct. Outside of this, all things are a matter of faith. Faith in the Creator or faith in my own perceptions and ideas. Evolution is a faith and belongs in the Philosophy and Religion classes of all teaching institutions.

Jeffry said : Guest 6 months ago

No scientific evidence has ever stopped our "scientists" from speculating about Evolution. They make a name for themselves and lots of money doing it. What is Truth?

Brenda said : Guest 6 months ago

If evolution is true, why do newborns require parental care once they're born? That's a huge step backward in a process (evolution) in which less-complex beings become more complex. Why evolve into a creature that is *dependent* for survival on something outside itself? (The dependency stage varying in time for different species.) In fact, why evolve into a creature that requires a mating process to propagate? The "Big Bang" = God spoke & the Universe leapt into existence. Thank you, LT & Authors, for all your work to reveal truth. God Bless & keep you. ~Brenda

Anna Rosa said : Guest 6 months ago

Funny how it went from 'very slowly.... over billions of years,' to 'suddenly, very quickly, in one rapid burst,' so that not even a fossil could be used as evidence! It seems they want to pull out of their sleeve whatever conveniently fits their false beliefs, and holding it up with false props. Until it finally all comes crumbling down.

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