17 Comments on Letter to the Editor: Reflections of a Calvinist “Unelect”

Brent King said : Guest 2 days ago

Thank you mam for sharing your burden. Mine is not Calvinism but Psychotherapy's influence in my Independent Baptist Church

Vernell said : Guest 3 days ago

I grew up in this soul deadening doctrine. It deadens everything spiritual, our prayer life, our soul winning efforts, our relationship with Christ and others. I am going to believe God, "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" Romans 10:13 The reason that works is because the third petal of the Tulip is false, and the whole flower withers if that doctrine, the doctrine of limited atonement is wrong, and it is.

Follower of the Nazarene said : Guest 2 weeks ago

Anonymous, "In vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrine the commandments of men... see to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to Christ." Baptists forget that 500 years ago, they were burned alive at the stake by Calvinists. Why? Because Baptists believe in adult baptism AFTER repentance and regeneration by the Holy Spirit. Baptism is a funeral, dying to the old; resurrected in the New. But this was considered heresy by the Calvinists who practiced infant baptism left over from Roman Catholicism, and the anabaptists were burned alive in that police state dumpster fire they call Geneva. The reason Calvinists are so aggressive is that because philosophically, Calvinism is islamic, not Christian. What is interesting is the muslims built a statue of John Calvin in Genenva. Why? Because both are held captive by the same lying spirit... "injah allah" = "whatever happens is the will of God/allah". No it most certainly is not! They hyper magnify sovereignty to the exclusion of free will and choice, leaving only the "elect." The Bible is the literal word of God... until you show them that Romans 9 is talking about nations in Gen 25:23 & Jer 18:6-7.

Craig said : Guest 2 weeks ago

There is such a great need to follow Paul's admonition to rightly divide the word of truth. Election and predestination have nothing to do with our salvation. Election has to do with God's plan for Israel and the Elect one, their Messiah, Jesus.

Gary G said : Guest 2 weeks ago

I think an important sentence in your letter is that there are other Baptist churches in the area. I would at least try them before actually picking up and moving altogether. You are right, it is hard to see this in the Southern Baptist Org., but has been happening for many moons. Being grounded and now that you know the Calvinist haughty rigmarole, you may be able to choose another fellowship that is more fundamental in it's teachings. By God's grace, you are on the right trail now. :-)

Jeffry said : Guest 3 weeks ago

False Teachers have infiltrated our Churches in America since we became a nation. They divide and as Rick Warren has said: People need to get with the program or leave or even the older ones just need to die. To find a Bible Believing Church today is not easy. We all need to pray for the our brothers and sisters looking for a Bible Based assembly.

Steph Bartlett said : Guest 3 weeks ago

God is the giver of wisdom through His Word.It is alive and active and will lead you to The Truth and the Truth will set you free😇Put your sites on knowing God and His Will and Plans not on you or being elected or not .Its all about Genuinely Loving Our Father and He knows our hearts ♥️

Victor said : Guest 3 weeks ago

It all comes down to God's foreknowledge. Calvinists are right about election and predestination of the saved. That these are true the scriptures affirm. What they falsely assume is that them same applies to the lost, that they are predestined to be lost for that denies "whosoever will" and "for the sins of the whole world." Anyone who chooses to be saved will be, and then will find out they were chosen, predestined and elected by God's foreknowledge of their choice. The idea that anyone is chosen to go to hell flies in the face of many scriptures and God's grace. Calvinists know nothing of grace.

Kagan said : Guest 3 weeks ago

As a southerner, and a Baptist, I am ashamed and embarrassed by your experience. Based on what you have shared your experience is in no way indicative of the vast majority of southern Baptist churches nor of the south in general. What you experienced was not the love of Jesus, but the Phariseeical theology of a people who have placed the traditions of men over the doctrines of God. Please take comfort in the fact that those people are not truly representing Jesus, Baptists or southerners. I wish you blessings in your journey ahead.

Mary Beth said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Dear "Anonymous", Some Calvinists and Calvinist groups are the most grace-less creatures on earth. Some are just misled about the meaning of Scripture, led by the nose themselves by smooth-talking folk who manipulate the Scriptures. You've been embattled; the enemy of Christ and of your soul and mind, has tried to push you away from Christ and His true gospel. Engage that battle - the spiritual one - through diligent study of the Scripture, and much prayer. We are many, although some communities are sparse or empty of those who reject the blasphemy of Augustinianism in any of its faces. You may be required to walk alone here, just you and your husband; ask the Lord what He wants you to learn from that. And know that you only have to do one day at a time; you don't have to "solve" all the problems at once. Draw closer to your spouse, and together draw closer to the Lord, and your wounds will heal, your mind will clear, and you will be strong. Then you are walking away from a lie and its purveyors - which we are called to do - not simply escaping pain. Grace and peace in Christ to you as you walk by the Spirit in His Truth.

Anna Rosa said : Guest 3 weeks ago

I am also truly sorry to hear that so many have fallen away into Calvinism and don't support LT as a result. I have noticed a trend I must share. I find that churches are falling into two camps. Either they are totally out there with the NAR, Bethel style dominionism, emergent, and revivalist circus act, or they are very conservative and stuffy even to a fault and fall into the Calvinist camp and hang on every word from these wolves' mouths that are mentioned above! I have noticed so many in the discernment camp have fallen into that trap. I have become very isolated myself as a result of behavior of the few Christians around me who fit the mold described in this letter. Also, it is totally contradictory that they claim no one can know who is elect, but they think they can know who is not. What hypocrites!

Anna Rosa said : Guest 3 weeks ago

I am so saddened to hear what this couple went through, and I know it is not an isolated case. Now I must say, it is always a danger to invest too much stock in what other people think, no matter how 'high' they are, how 'popular' they are, or how elect they think they are, or whatever. Your salvation is between you and the Lord, and no one else can mess with that relationship. If you think they can, you allow them to by so doing, don't give them that power. It looks like none of these Calvinists in that church are saved to me. They are just using Calvinism as their popular kids club criteria. Don't fall into that elitism and hierarchical trap of thinking they have any power over you, because they don't! God bless you!

Debbie Goetz said : Guest 3 weeks ago

This breaks my heart. I wish I could reach out to this sister, wrap my arms around her and encourage her with words of truth - that Calvinism/Calvinists does not represent biblical Christianity and that there are Spirit born believers out there who would embrace them into the body of Christ as we are called to do and be.

Vanessa Mobley said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Dear Sister, My heart can feel what you are feeling. We too have been in the same scenario (we ran out of a WOF, charismatic non denominational “church”) and it does take time to heal. We didn’t move away and even though it wasn’t a small town the isolation, knowing they were saying we were lost or fallen to the wayside and instantly losing tons of “friends” over night was disheartening. God has you in His hands though. Be of good cheer that He opened your eyes to see the truth, it’ll save you from so much more heartache than you’ve already endured. It took a year to come out of the fog and even still its hard( we left 4 years ago after attending and being deeply rooted for 2 years) I encourage you all to surround yourself with biblically sound teachers & preachers. Lighthouse Trails is great! All we could pull ourselves to do was to listen in on YouTube to a pastor we had been listening to for years. With God he helped heal a lot of hurt and confusion. We will praying for you, but please just know you’re not alone although the enemy would have you to feel you are. Try not to be afraid of being hurt, mislead and lied to again. It is a big hindrance that I still fight today. Proverbs 4:5 God Bless You

Marie Kelly said : Guest 3 weeks ago

I can so relate to this person and I feel their pain.

Laura said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Don't you know it's all about pride? God called thus and so, but not you. Somehow their filthy rags are more righteous than your filthy rags. Strange in light of scripture after scripture that says no one has a chance of ever reconciling to a righteous God apart from what Christ did for all of us on the cross. Dust off your feet and move on.

Natalie said : Guest 3 weeks ago

Oh Anonymous in the South, Get out now and don't look back! I went through this at several churches. God has given you the gift of discernment. Quit worrying about what others will think. I played that game for so long. At one point i was terrified and thought, 'away from me i never knew you'. I cried out to God and said 'Do you know me?' He led me immediately to John 10. Many deceivers out there and they're getting worse and worse. I will be praying for you! Just keep in HIS word. READ JOHN 10. Love in Christ, Natalie

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