1. Jeannette

    ”… 99.9% of the known universe is silent, and it is in this space that the force fields of life and compassion dwell and expand. We can live there too!” That made me chuckle because of reading recently that the stars actually do “Sing” (Job 38:7). Scientists took a lot longer to discover it, but it’s true! Stars vibrate, just as a big bass drum, or our chest and larynx vibrate when we sing, though of course on a unimaginably vaster scale. There isn’t enough gas or dust in space to transmit sound in a way we can perceive it, but I’m sure their Creator hears! A “Great, big noisy God” indeed, and a noisy creation! Thank you for a great article, have ordered copies of it today!

  2. T. I. Miller

    So Christians need to practice Hindu transcendental meditation techniques???????? I cannot separate the wheat from the chaff the genuine from false believer. Having said that, those who claim the Christian mantel do hear voices when they practice this silence thing. The voice they hear is always contrary to scripture. Many of them claim the voice tells them that God is in everyone. Therefore there are many ways to to heaven. All humanity is already all one with God. No need to evangelize or proclaim or defend the gospel. Or so the voices tell those in their trance induced state of mind. So forget about the great commission rather focus on world peace and harmony feed cloth educate the deprived and join the unified world wide religion. Further those such as LHT who remain faithful will be labeled as intolerant devise hate mongers.

  3. Sola Scriptura

    God is found in his word. A highly underrated scripture, that I am using as often as I can when I discuss the supremacy of God’s word vs. knowing Jesus outside of his word thru meditation, “prophecy” and even prayer is 2 Peter 1:16-21. In that passage Peter, who was at the transfiguration and walked with Jesus, tells us that the scriptures are even more certain and sure than the voice of God the Father speaking from a cloud! So why would we even consider trusting any thing else? Why do we need any other method for knowing and experiencing God(other than praying in accordance to his word, of course)? We don’t. I was going to quote the scripture below but it didn’t fit. It’s worth looking up.

  4. Jamie from Illinois

    Well written article, made me want to get up and clap! I was laying on the sofa one night, and I heard a voice, plain as day, not out loud, but like in my ears say, “are you still mad at me?”. And I laughed out loud and replied, no Lord. You see, a few days earlier I had fallen down the stairs, with a fresh baked pie in my hands…in a glass pie pan, all was lost, and I was pretty sore. Evidently at the Lord as well. I did not realize it till then. Many other times I have had, hate to use the word experiences, but not sure how else to put it, each time was special and a little different, I treasure them each!

  5. Jeffry

    Last week I was on a 15 foot ladder cleaning leaves out of my gutter. I am not young. The ladder tipped to the left and my hands grabbed the gutter . My left foot caught the ladder. I prayed Lord save me! My left foot brought the ladder back to a safe position and my hands grabbed the top of the ladder. The gutter was not damaged. I slowly came down the ladder and thanked the Lord over and over. The Lord answers prayers if we will just let Him. I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Seek Him in all that we do.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is ridiculous to insist that God can only be experienced in a silence. Most of us do not have time to sit around repeating the same word or words over and over to reach God. The Bible is a very noisy book! We can only know God through accepting His only begotten Son as our personal Savior after admitting we are all sinners. The thief on the cross next to Jesus did not have to repeat a mantra to enter Paradise with Jesus that day. Praise the Lord that we can talk to God through our Savior any time of the day, be it noisy or quiet! Most of life is noisy!

  7. Denise

    Well written Lynn! Thank you Lighthouse Trails…May our Lord and Savior continue to bless your ministry.

  8. Anna Rosa

    And, we hear His voice speaking to our hearts when necessary, in the midst of the noisy storm! I know I have. “Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” Isaiah 30; 21 That is for today, and for us. “whenever” “you”

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