12 Comments on Long-Time BSF Leader Steps Down As BSF Heads Deeper Into Emergent Waters

Heidi Lavoie said : Guest 2 days ago

Dr. Kevin Mannoia's church planting system (Century 21 Church Planting), is nothing less than the strategy of the Antichrist to "transform" Bible based Christian churches into apostate churches void of the true gospel message, churches that have been adapted to please the tastes of the worldly in order to draw them in. My experience that evening at the Conference was so upsetting that it was the last time I attended that church. We are witnessing the fulfillment of 2Thess. 2:3

Heidi Lavoie said : Guest 2 days ago

This is a continuation of my information submitted about the new age terminology used at a C&MA District Conference I attended in 2003. The analogy used by the speaker of a "river" is constantly used in the Charismatic movement. And I believe the use of the term "community" is derived from Buddhist philosophy. The New Age Movement is an eclectic, occult-based, evolution promoting, man-centered, self deifying, pervasive world view that seeks through transformation of individuals to bring about a transformation of society in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a new world order of complete global harmony … globalism is founded upon planetary consciousness, which is a world view that emphasizes loyalty to the community of humanity rather than local loyalties to nation, tribe or other social groupings.

Heidi Lavoie said : Guest 2 days ago

I agree with the comments regarding the new age/new spirituality's frequent referencing of the word "community". I came across the use of what I term "new age lingo" at my Christian and Missionary Alliance church here in the small town in South Western Ontario where I live, back in the year 2003. when I attended the District Conference. Here are some examples of terms used profusely by the speaker, Dr. Kevin Mannoia (previous President of the NAE): "Kingdom connectedness", "apostolic movement", "community", Kingdom culture", "transforming environment", "the river", "think collectively that we are a river" (new age term is "collective consciousiness"), "nature of the Kingdom as community", "great Kingdom community" "Kingdom is like a river", "we are like that river of God". Other terms used: "Kingdom flow", "be the people of God in community", "wherever you go life thrives in your collective units (communities)","differentiated identities", "cluster power", "fruit of transformed communities", "You are a community, a Kingdom people collectively". This presentation was a stunning example of how the new age/new spirituality has entered the church. The speaker went on to crack jokes about whether one could worship God while smoking marijuana.

Val Lee said : Guest 3 days ago

Regarding BSF, I chose not to attend when I learned you cannot expose the lies of false religions, such as idolatrous Catholicism, Mormonism, etc. The entire Bible boldly exposes false beliefs including idol worship. These guidelines have been penned in stone for countless years representing compromise to please all ears and for number-sake. Christians are to come out and be separate from all those of false faiths, not sitting next to them in the name of ecumenicalism.

Steven said : Guest 5 days ago

Excellent I have been wary of this group for a long time. All false teachers and phony ministries have one thing in common-they get into grandma’s house by speaking much if not all truth, then once inside, ravish the household and destroy it. Amazing how few professing Christians understand this dynamic

Susan McClure said : Guest 5 days ago

Excellent article. I am distressed by the use of the word "community" used frequently by my church's leadership. While they still preach truth, I suspect the Emergent church influences are creeping in.

T. I. Miller said : Guest 7 days ago

Thanks to LHT diligence I was made aware of their drift from the gospel according to scripture. I was personally bothered by an adult Sunday school teacher who was also very dedicated to BSF. He was proud that no matter how diverse how apostate their theological backgrounds were, the BSF lessons offended no one. The biblical gospel is a stumbling block and an offense to the lost. That is not something to boast about. This call to "community" is far more menacing than what meets the eye. Looking at the big picture it is the road to a global theological community. This totally apostate religious global community will embrace even false religions. It is also more than likely being set up to be duped by the FALSE christ the anti-christ who will promise world "community" peace, harmony and social justice for all. The Church is Christ body. The NT never refers to it as a community. For that matter it never refers to it as family. It is unique. It is set apart. It is one of a kind. Sports teams and co-workers can claim they are family. Only the church can unashamedly claim the title, the body of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Neither Jesus nor the Apostles ever marketed the gospel. Something the seeker friendly, ( we are family ), advocates should think about.

Jeffry said : Guest 7 days ago

When I was young we use to go to "Home Days". To gather together to have fun. Most cities had tents from churches in the area. Giving away Texts from the Bible. Today cities call it "Community Days". Many cities have banned the churches from having a tent. Our country is headed for Socialism? Marxism? Communism? All 3 mean the same thing. Totalitarianism. Pray for our country.

Roberra Harper said : Guest 7 days ago

The Philadelphia Class started in my home 30 years ago. We had 1 year of prayer and had 70 women to be able to start the class. 5 years ago BFS told us they were closing our class because we were rude to out 35 year old leader who could not explain about Jesus returning in the rapture. One of our leaders in her 60s said "we are not leaving this room until everyone understands about the rapture. She explained it in detail with scripture. The next week tge leaders from headquarters cand and closed our class because we were rude. We have continued this last 5 years with a great teaching leader and more than 70 women registered and still going strong. I am the Director of the childrens program and we are now Joy Of Living. We have not missed a week and we teach tge truth from God's true word the Bible! God provides!

Glenn said : Guest 7 days ago

The term "community" shows up a lot in the contemplative/emerging church writing. Peter Drucker was a communitarian (different than being a communist but no more scriptural) and through Bob Buford's Leadership Network influenced a who's who of these leaders. Also, Rod Dreher (author of the Benedict Option) has been heavily influenced by Alasdair MacIntyre another communitarian. This philosophy heavily emphasizes "community" but not scripture. This teaching does not come from the Holy Spirit. Come soon Lord Jesus!

Anna Rosa said : Guest 7 days ago

Instead of saving the people on the Titannic with the Gospel, they are trying to save the Titannic!

Ronda said : Guest 7 days ago

I study with BSF, i found them to be contradicting. From study to study. Teaching Calvin doc. That would be that faith was a gift from God if God doesn't give you this gift you can not believe. I question the faith gift, when it comes to falling away, only those given this gift. Could fall away. That would mean God took Bach his gift back from His elected one

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