4 Comments on Vatican News: “Pope Francis: Families An Eloquent Sign of God’s Dream”

Anna Rosa said : Guest 5 months ago

Everyone will be welcome in their 'oneness' golden calf festival except for Biblical Christians, it will be 'inclusive' of all others of course, no matter how brazen the sinner or false religion. That is why we are to be exclusive and separate from the world, which is profane and not holy. Yes, antichrist agenda at work there...!

Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 5 months ago

If families are so important, why does the R.C. Church forbid priests to marry and live normal family lives. Forbidding priests and nuns to marry is not God's will for mankind. It leads to a perversion of God's plan and unbounded corruption.

G J said : Guest 5 months ago

Remember... the pope loves "open borders". https://hopeishereblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/open-borders/

charles said : Guest 5 months ago

spirit of antichrist at work

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