1. CW

    I just recently read Georgi Vins’ book, The Gospel in Bonds. Then I read his oldest daughter’s autobiography, Children of the Storm. I was so inspired, uplifted, and challenged by both of their books, by their lives, and the lives of his mom who worked so hard on behalf of Christian prisoners all over the Soviet Union during those year, as well as his wife/her mom, and his son/her brother Peter. Does anyone here have any updated information about Natasha Vins and her siblings? Her book was published in the early 2000s.

  2. Heidi lotthammer

    Thank you for sharing that is why we need to be obedient to the Lord He always puts us in the right place praise His name ,always in anything

  3. Jeffry

    Georgi Vins had the privilege to suffer for the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. We see a man of God. He showed dependence on God and His word. We see the confidence he had in the Savior who would never leave him nor forsake him. We see the power of The Holy Spirit in him. The Russian or Communist Revolution began in 1917. Lenin and Trotsky were leaders of this Revolution. Both were Communists. After Lenin died? Communist General Joseph Stalin became the leader of Communist Party. At least 40 million Russians died during Stalin’s Reign of Terror. Stalin tried to wipe out Christians in Russia first then the World. This is what Georgi was facing all of his life. When I read stories like Georgi’s, I sometimes feel like I am from another planet. May the Lord Bless and keep Georgi for the Honor and Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    Russian leaders have a long history of persecuting Jews and evangelical believers. Very sad.

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