1. David Emme

    So is it a lack of scriptural knowledge or is it or is it dangerous because we tust “so called Christians and Churches.” Or was it because the governement was nationalizing businesses under the Obama Administration. Let me stop there-yes it happened. Not because the Obama administration was greedy but some of those institutions were government ran enterprizes that just about went bankrupt and I am speaking of Freddie and Fannie Mae They were nationalized to save them. The Obama Administration did pull a slickie with the car industry but most would not even understand the difference when they promised to keep their hands off Chevrolet and Chrysler. This done when they said they would buy preferred stock-which they did-but quickly swapped for normal stocks. The difference is those who own preferred stock have no voting rights but is guaranteed an income. So yes, they pulled a slickie on that. But am just wondering, who else did they nationalize? And if they did, what does that have to do with spiritual warfare? I do not believe Nazi Germany nationalized any companies it was quite the oppisite in privatization oncethe Nazi’s gotin charge. Quite the opposite from the Weimar Republic.

  2. nan

    Great article and true. I’m very concerned about people who follow a certain mindset Republican vs. Democrat. The beliefs don’t matter, they quote the same things. I get emails from a confessed Christian who is very political, dumb jokes etc against the opposing party. I read comments on so called Christian websites where so called Christians want to burry bombs on this side of the wall between Mexico and America so they can’t cross causing great harm. Antisemitism (very much) also, This disgusts me. The media’s propaganda is putting people against each other, they don’t know what is true and false. Our current leader is going to fix everything, so they don’t worry. Sounds like Neville Chamberlain (1 Thess. 5:3). But say not anything against him (Norman Vincent Peale’s influence a 33 degree free mason) in love or you will be yelled at. But I see a parallel between Calvin’s Geneva and today’s so called Christian leaders according to their rules. All the comments are great. I learn from you all. Blessings

  3. CW

    Quoting the article: “He noted that to question the Nazi machine’s view of anything was considered blasphemy of the highest order. It dawned on him that the minds of many of the people had become so warped that they were no longer able to think for themselves or evaluate anything by a higher standard. Shirer observed that with the rise of the new German empire, the truth had become whatever Hitler and Goebbels said it was; they were the final arbiters of reality— spiritual and otherwise.” I see this same groupthink (quoting Elizabeth B’s insightful comment) all over our country these days. There is only one “acceptable”, politically correct way to think and if you don’t, well, you’re just no good (putting it mildly). It’s even worse/stronger when it comes to truly Biblical beliefs. I appreciate and agree with all the comments here! It is so wonderful to hear from other believers who are not deceived and deluded.

  4. T. I. Miller

    Eph. 4 spells out the mission the commission the job description of every pastor. It is to prevent deception. It is to so educate the average believer with the truth that deceiving them should be nearly impossible. Yet that God given mission is the very last thing that they do. The youth are leaving the church due to worldly deceptions. They were never given the tools to defend the faith. To defend the gospel. to defend the inspired God breathed word of God. To defend Genesis from the secular humanist evolutionists. To defend the narrow path. To defend the only path to salvation. To defend godly morality. Apologetic s ought to have been in every sermon every Sunday. That is how the sheep are fed.

  5. Philip Tatler

    I remember vividly reading Eric Metaxas’ wonderful biography of Bonhoeffer while Obama was president, and being struck by the similarities of Germany then and the US. Businesses were being nationalized, many people were looking to Obama as a messiah type (“Fuhrer”) and the population was becoming more and more dependent on Government. The economy was getting more and more bleak.

  6. Donna Martonfi

    I love the response Anna Rosa gave to this article. It happens to me again and again and I try to warn people of the deception that is STORMING the church doors and instead of heeding the advice they want to stone me.

  7. Nancy

    Great article! It would appear that a slow conditioning in Christianity due to lack of scripture knowledge and understanding, and the search for more has opened the door to buy into whatever is taught. Scripture tells us to “buy the truth and sell it not.”

  8. Lisa

    Unfortunately, 1Timothy 4:1 But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.

  9. Anna Rosa

    I have noticed the same parallels after studying history books about that time and place and seen much of the apostasy in the church. They are all marching to the same hypnotic drum beat. I keep running into ‘Christians’ who are swallowed up by the apostasy and it is like running into all the same deceptions of theirs over and over; the unity thing, the ‘do not judge’ thing, the denial of sin, the embracing of other religions, and the adoration of certain ‘teachers.’ All the same items over and over from the same list. What I see happening is that they have given themselves over to deception by abandoning the need for truth and a certain spiritual blindness comes over them. It becomes almost impossible for them to break free of it, anyone who suggests anything in the gentlest way is lashed out against with all the same demonic platitudes as if reading from the same script! It makes me think of the verse about how a certain demon is only cast out by ‘prayer and fasting.’

  10. Elizabeth Bennett

    When people can no longer think for themselves or use common sense, is called group think. That is why immersing ourselves in the Bible daily is so important. That way we can see if church actions line up with scripture. We should not run with the pack just because everyone else is doing it. In the end, there is always a smaller remnant who see danger and avoid it, as Proverbs says.

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