6 Comments on Letter to the Editor: My Unexpected Unwelcome Walk With “Walk to Emmaus”

Shelley Hettinger said : Guest 3 months ago

Yes, I too would have liked to hear what took place during this "retreat" we do need to be able to tell people who might cross our paths who may be intending to go to this how it is unbiblical and ungodly and what takes place. God is so faithful to keep and protect His people like He did for Kayla! Thank you Lighthouse Trails for all you do to warn and inform the Church. It was six years ago that I stumbled upon Lighthouse Trails and my eyes were opened and I have been researching and learning ever since. May God continue to bless this ministry ~ S.H.

JDV said : Guest 3 months ago

"From the Upper Room website (link now removed)" Perhaps it didn't play as well up front, so they may figure waiting until people are deeper into this experience (sic) to unveil the insertion of pagan practice.

Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 3 months ago

I hope Kayla left that church! It is important that we know the step by step details about what happened, or maybe K. can write a book about this. Others need to be warned.

Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 3 months ago

My heart goes out to Kayla! I thank the Lord that she was preserved through the horror she experienced of demons during this supposed 3-day retreat. I pray the Lord will bring her peace and healing. Lighthouse is correct in condemning spiritual formation/contemplative prayer. I read Castles in the Sand many yrs. ago and now know it was all true, even though it was a conglomerate of many observed experiences in America. Mantras, even though they say Jesus, provide the same results as a Hindu mantra. My son is a missionary in Spain but has always been aware of the dangers in Spiritual Formation.

admin said : administrator 3 months ago

We will ask her if she can give a little more detail.

patrick said : Guest 3 months ago

I would like to know what Kayla experienced that was "horrific". I went through the Walk several years ago and left the second day. After dinner the second day there was a chapel type service with everybody and the leader was reading out of a script to visualize your self walking down the road then visualize Jesus walking up to you and so forth. I recognized this technic as guided visualization. That was it for me, I left. I think she should have clarified at least one or two details of what was horrific, instead of a blanket statement of to many to share.

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