1. Chris

    My favorite part: “Four men went into the Party secretary’s office: one Baptist and three communists. Two hours later, out came three Baptists and one still deciding!” I love that! I know it’s a story, but funny and effective. God bless you for publishing this story.

  2. Anna Rosa

    Part 3. Every persecution against believers comes in similar, yet different forms. Some things are totally different while others fit a very similar form. One aspect is always the ‘bail out’ that satan throws our way. If only… you will deny Jesus, we will let you go. But we can’t deny Jesus. And satan knows it. That is why he offers that option, because even he knows how serious it is. Once you deny Him, you are no longer a threat, so he let’s you go free. Jesus knows it too. He even said it in Matthew 10; 32-33. That is why it’s true. You are a threat to the enemy when you are of use to God. And this bail out takes various forms, as it has throughout church history. Today’s seems to be aligning yourself with the lgbt agenda, abortion, false religions, etc., to keep your job, etc., something a true Christian can never do, as it is equivalent to a denial of your identity in Christ. The more one is in the flesh, the more tempting the bail outs are.

  3. Anna Rosa

    Part 2. Jesus left us with that task; to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth. Yet when threatened with loss of livelihood and suffering, how many will be able to stand for Jesus? When we are rounded up as they were, what will they say about us? Were we good witnesses of Jesus in life as well as in testimony and in death? Do we have Bible verses memorized to share with prison mates and songs to sing like Paul and Silas when they were in prison for Jesus? I can relate to him in this as I too am highly educated, with a degree in math, much of it theoretical, with straight A’s and other ‘bragging points.’ (I’m not bragging, only stating facts.) I am a teacher and known for being kind to all. I don’t compromise my faith at all or try to hide it. When the time comes I am ready to lay down my life for Jesus. I count it all loss and to sacrifice for Him, it’s all gain. My only boast is in belonging to Jesus! My answer is ready: I am His disciple, a Christian! The storm is coming and that is always the correct answer.

  4. Anna Rosa

    Part 1. This is right around the corner for us here. Everything is moving in that direction and the signs are there for those of us who watch. But most ‘Christians’ will be caught off guard. Most will not be prepared to stand for the faith when the going gets tough. I count every day, every sunrise and cup of coffee as extra because it can all change anytime. These things escalate suddenly too. The ones that the apostasy didn’t swallow up, the persecution will, albeit a few. It won’t matter later what kind of house we had, or what kind of car, or how much money we made or any of that. All that will matter when we stand before His throne is: Were we His faithful witnesses?

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