1. Helga

    Thank you for this article. So many believers claim that Pilates is ok for Christians. I tried it once in my gym it was offered free of charge to members, but I sensed while exercising it for the first time ever (I never tried Yoga, this I was already informed about) that something more than just physical was going on, I kept praying for myself and the other participants but I knew without doubt this was not just physical and this was not ok for a follower of Jesus The Christ and someone translated and being part of the Kingdom of Light!

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    I have always found Yoga and other meditation practices to be very self-centered. Me and nobody else. What happens to the rest of the family while the mom or dad are immersed in these activities. They detach the person from the world around them and reality. Self-absorption takes over. And then demonic spirits can enter.

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