1. Beanie

    I think you are taking her out of context. She never endorses the new age. She is a positive person, and tries to find the good in everyone. She says, “I see God in everyone.” How is that so heretical? I think you are jumping to conclusions. She chooses to see the Creator in his creation; she is not endorsing new age doctrine. You have not listened to anything else she has said. She and her husband took a big stand, with tons of criticism, trying to re-expose Americans to Christianity again.
    You are making an accusation, with little or no evidence. This jumping to conclusions is what gives Christians a bad name. If you want to criticize someone, criticize Joel Osteen. He is the watered down guy.

  2. Lauren St. Vincent

    Thank you for articles like these. They need to be spread everywhere to expose the lies and liars, to protect the body of Christ from this poison. I will share this and hope others will do the same to get the word out.

  3. Eliza

    Why wonder what the men attending the NRB will do? They have already proven themselves apostates. Anyone who believes God is in everyone/everything doesn’t know their own heart or the sinfulness of mankind. They are obvioulsy deeply deceived.

  4. Steve Hughes

    When evangelicals and Catholics together came out 20 years ago main Christian leaders Across America endorsed Roman Catholicism. The same thing continues to happen today where the main Christian leadership across America will not confront false Doctrine. We continue to slide into apostasy. I believe these Christian leaders know but also know that it will cost them to speak out.

  5. E lizabeth Bennett

    Have these endorsers read Box of Butterflies? There is no way that a true believer in Jesus Christ should approve of a book that favorably quotes idol-worshippers and New-agers and other authors who are not even born-again. Maybe the purpose is fame and fortune? Mystery!!

  6. Anna Rosa

    Also, I have noticed a big ‘amping up’ of this heresy all over lately, the ‘oneness’ and the ‘god in all’ pantheistic heresies, as well as the ‘unity’ heresy. I truly believe this is the big LIE that people will believe in the end over the truth of the cross, and you can’t have it both ways. The same lie coming full circle from the beginning from satan. But we ARE separate, God is separate from His creation, not only are we not ‘god,’ but the church is separate from the sinful world. Yet only we have been reconciled to God through the cross, the only way. Yet so many verses get twisted by satan for this deception. Thank you for this timely post! ( :

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