8 Comments on Note and Photos to the Editor: Roma Downey Says Oprah Winfrey on Fire With the Holy Spirit

CW said : Guest 2 months ago

If anyone here has seen the description of Oprah's "Soul Sunday" programs on her TV network, you know that she promotes literally everything BUT the Holy Spirit, everything EXCEPT the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a spirit all right (maybe more than one), but they are not Holy. She has said she will not run for prez in 2020. If I remember correctly, she said at that time that "God" had told her not to run. We'll see. I hope she doesn't.

Karen said : Guest 2 months ago

Example of last days deception goin on here.Believers in a pseudo Jesus.

Savedru said : Guest 2 months ago

Well if they’re both filled with the Holy Spirit, any day now they should both be condemning MURDER in the womb!

Gary Fennimore said : Guest 2 months ago

More like the wicked spirit, not the HOLY SPIRIT.

Anna Rosa said : Guest 2 months ago

She is the opposite of what the Holy Spirit produces. What comes to mind: birds of a feather... flock together. I also have a sneaking suspicion that oprah is planning to run in 2020 and there is a lot of convergence in her direction by her cohorts. They are all so deceived!

CW said : Guest 2 months ago

The blind leading the blind.

charley said : Guest 2 months ago

new age a different jesus in the making 2nd cor11-4 repent oprah,roma and friends you have been seduced with a false spirit of divination

Karen said : Guest 2 months ago

She actually said Winfrey is "filled with the holy spirit and light." Even more in line with her New Age beliefs.

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