1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Chuck Smith did not want his son-in-law to take over Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa on his death. Brian Broderson made himself the head pastor against the wishes of C.S. Bad things happened after his death.

  2. The Mat Taos

    Amen Anna Rosa! I grew up listening to C.S. and enjoyed his sermons. Later in life, I stopped being “spoon fed” and realized much of his theology was off. After researching him in-depth it was easy to see he was a player in the ecumenical movement. Why people like C.S. and Billy G. go this direction just flabbergasts me. Could it be that they were Jesuit infiltrators?

  3. Eileen Thompson

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’m wondering why the video(s) on the subject of ‘Quantum’ has been deleted? It’s something I am interested in as I watched videos by Chuck Missler some time ago that I had a big question mark over ….

    • admin

      Eileen, Chris was replacing the 10 minute preview with the entire talk, which we decided to have up there. It should be working now.

  4. Sola Scriptura

    Praise the Lord Jesus Chris! I refer to Warren and his experience all the time on various websites , so it will be great to have a one stop shop for his videos.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    I really enjoyed Warren Smith’s talk. Very informative and believable, since he and his wife both came out of the New Age movement. Evil spirits are real and often tangible. My son’s church group went to Guatemala on a missions trip. His friend, a believer experienced the light above his head one night and became paralyzed; he could not move for a few seconds. It was a very frightening experience for him. Satan is alive and well.

  6. Anna Rosa

    Let’s not leave out the key detail that at the 2009 Harvest Crusade, Chuck Smith called Rick Warren a BROTHER…(who was invited and sat right next to Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie, photos are still out on the internet). This was no coincidence or oversight due to illness, but part of the great ‘paradigm shift.’ He was also never opposed to the Catholic church, going so far as calling them Christians. These are simply facts and the truth should not be swept under the rug, but the whole truth brought out into the light.

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