7 Comments on “Anger, Vitriol and Venom” From the Parliament of the World’s Religions

Anna Rosa said : Guest a month ago

Another thing this shows is that with Kavanaugh, they are openly saying that they hate him because he is conservative, not because of any 'guilty until proven innocent' claims! And that is in Canada even.

CW said : Guest a month ago

I have noticed that many political "progressives", including those who are called Christians and those who aren't, cannot seem to distinguish between Biblical beliefs and political conservatism (i.e. the Supreme Court appointment of Brett Kavanaugh). This is just another way that deceiving spirits are at work in churches and outside of churches.

Nina said : Guest a month ago

It's similar to a six lane highway, that finally flows into one due to construction. Don't just blame the other religions for seeking Love and Peace. You got 95% of So called Christian churches in the US cozying up to this Theology of Inclusion. When you hear from people that Jesus didn't come to Die for Sinners, but came to show Humanity how they should be living. Goodness=Righteousness to those who are perishing. They're so blinded that it is truly easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle, than convince people they're following a false God.

Julie Hamilton said : Guest a month ago

Jesus warned that there was coming a time like this....sad. These deceived people are on the broad path to Hell and don't seem to realize how demonized they are.

Anna Rosa said : Guest a month ago

Wow!!! What's next, our heads in the portrayal??? Looks like that's the next step. And the real 'jig is up' for those who don't believe in the blood of the Lamb, as they will one day see. It's getting closer. Emergent Watch also has a post on this one.

dan said : Guest a month ago

it is amazing how many people are willfully blind. they refuse to believe what the bible says . They profess themselves to be wise, so they become fools.

Sherlock said : Guest a month ago

These people are insane.

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