3 Comments on New Muslim Congresswoman From Minnesota, “Ilhan Omar Flip-Flops, Shares Support for BDS”

CW said : Guest 4 weeks ago

So many people comment on the "peaceful" Muslims, not realizing that they have a teaching (the word starts with a "t" but I can't spell it) which allows them to lie and deceive others for the purpose of gaining a foothold, making headway in another culture, then when they've done so, "flip flopping" to the opposite position. In reality, they don't flip flop; that 's what they believed from the beginning. This is a very insidious thing, it is very damaging to any culture (witness the devastation all across Europe), and all Christians need to be in fervent intercession about this. I pray continually for God to have mercy on America.

JDE said : Guest 4 weeks ago

The UN has just voted 9 Resolutions against Israel. Persecution of this Jewish Nation should not be tolerated. PRAY FOR ISRAEL

Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest a month ago

It is very disappointing that liberals are continually being fooled by this false, hateful narrative. Those who curse Israel will be cursed; those who bless Israel will be blessed.

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