1. CW

    I witnessed what I think may have been the beginning of this sensual approach to the Lord (I don’t mean to offend; I don’t know how else to put it) sometime in the 1990s at a church which started out very well in the Lord. It was not largely accepted there then — there were wonderful older leaders in the church who were faithful prayer warriors and led by example and wise counsel, holding back what could have been a wave of this horrible stuff. I had never heard of Ann Voskamp then, but there was a woman who had an independent ministry apart from the church with a few other people, a close friend visited that ministry and few times, and she told me what they were teaching. I know it was true, because a younger woman assisting with that ministry casually mentioned something about it one time, in conversation. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump”, and it’s dangerous when just a “little bit” of such teaching gains a foothold in a church or any type of ministry. As it is written, the little foxes (not always noticed) spoil the vines.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    My son is a missionary in Spain and he told me several years ago the emergent, spiritual formation churches have a greater incidence of sexual immorality, according to reports. Also, if there is no hell, then church members are free to do whatever they want. There are no consequences for breaking God’s laws. In Love Wins, Rob Bell says all go to Heaven, there is no hell. I guess the N.T would say that so-called believers in Christ have perverted God’s grace and used it for licentiousness. Repentance is not needed. As we read through world history we see that all pagan religions practiced sexual immorality.

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