1. Lynne

    Thank you for this wonderful article. I know I fail at being thankful enough. My focus far too often is on the painful situations in my life or most selfishly that these situations are just not as I wish they were. I want to trust my Savior more. I want to see with fresh eyes everyday His amazing gifts. Oh to be a thankful person leads to true joy. I pray the Holy .spirit will teach me and I can be a more “thankful” follower of Christ.

  2. Jay and Michelle Fitz

    Warren and Joy,
    We have been greatly blessed by your ministry which has meant so very much to us having been graciously delivered out of the New Age ourselves by our Mighty Lord and Savior.
    Blessings to you both!

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Recently I was going through an illness and at night when I was experiencing the worst pain I would thank the Lord for His blessings to me, one by one and I felt less pain when I did this. Thankfulness is healing to the mind, soul and body. It brings joy. Enter into His courts with praise and thanksgiving, as Psalm 100 tells us. And by the way, I thank the Lord for all my Lighthouse friends and authors.

  4. Crystal Johnson

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder of our need to be thankful…why do we find it so hard at times!!! We have so much to be thankful for!!! 🙂 I am now listening to a load of hymns to remind me and be thankful. God bless you and shalom in His awesome, beautiful Name!

  5. Doreen Virtue

    Thank you, Warren and Joy, I am very grateful to God for leading me to your life-changing book, “The Light That Was Dark.” Thank you for this beautiful and well-researched article.

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