5 Comments on A Short Thought on Man’s Views Vs. God’s Views on Eternal Security

Brenda said : Guest 2 weeks ago

Amen ~ we are secure because we are “in Christ.” We are “in Christ” because we believe the Gospel (Eph 1:13). 1 Cor 15:1-4 proclaims the Gospel: that Christ died for our sins, was buried, & rose again. Our salvation is all of Him, just as our eternal security is all of Him. Praise Him for His Love.

Craig Giddens said : Guest 2 weeks ago

Calvinism is a logical argument based on a faulty premise.

Ralph said : Guest 2 weeks ago

Amen to Dennyhalim!

dennyhalim said : Guest 2 weeks ago

one thing most people overlook is that all bible verses about the perseverance is against thirdparty/external force. and all warning verses is about personal free choice to abide https://truelyfanatic.wordpress.com/tag/abide

T. I. Miller said : Guest 2 weeks ago

Foe me the most blatant example of reading into the text, is the notion that all end times prophetic scripture is allegorical not literal. That is how a-millinial ism is taught. another notion built upon mans tradition is assuming that pastors are not only elders but the top dog elder of every church. They are mentioned directly 1 time Eph. 4 and only by mis-translating shepherd (poiemen). My understanding of my eternal state rests primarily upon the promise of Jesus in John 6:38-40. "I will lose none.....I will raise him up" Of course this excludes false converts. Secondarily upon 1 john 2:19 "...if they had been of us they would have remained..." If i have read something into these texts please correct me.

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