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Rebecca said : Guest yesterday

Thank God for your recovery Roger we will keep you in prayer we need your ministry so much in these days. I am a prison chaplain and have used many of your DVDs in Bible Study groups everyone is always so blessed by your presentations, especially about Creation/Salvation. Your recent book The Good Shepherd Calling , such a timely and relevant content. Praying for your full recovery we need you to keep serving, the day is far gone but not spent yet! In Christ, Rebecca

Gary G said : Guest 2 days ago

Wonderful news! Press on young man! :-) The world needs your expertise to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Peggy DeVos said : Guest 2 days ago

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within bless His holy name, bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefits, Who forgives all my iniquities and heals all my diseases. (Psalm 103:2-3) Precious man of God, may our Lord bless you with rapid healing. We need you, your family needs you and the world needs you, you are greatly loved.

Howard Green said : Guest 2 days ago

Dear Roger, We are so thankful for your ministry. Praying your health improves and for the Lord's strength. Blessings dear brother, Howard Green

JDE said : Guest 2 days ago

Have gotten behind in news updates. Personally glad for your news and wish you speed in recovery. The Lord has brought you through this threatening time with continuing strength! Love the Photo with Dave Hunt, he is soooo missed!

Carol Goff said : Guest 2 days ago

I am so thankful that God answers prayers and where two or more will continue to agree for healing, it is possible with God. I am thankful one day we won't be dealing with this anymore. Hold fast to the promises of God because His word if coming to life right in front of us daily!

Bill & Karen Kurth said : Guest 2 days ago

Praising God that you have a diagnosis, now, and will be treated for it accordingly. We love your books, etc.

angel carranza said : Guest 2 days ago

The Lord is Good! Continue trusting in Him and be encouraged that He loves you, no matter what. We love you and thank you for your ministry.

Runa Davick said : Guest 3 days ago

Dear Roger Thanks to the Lord. I am continueing in prayers for you and your family. You are in the hands of Jesus Christ. Greetings from Norway

Bill Anderson said : Guest 3 days ago

Roger, My wife has a platelet disorder...long name...that had her up to one million platelet count and now with drug treatment she's down to around 450,000. I will pray for a return to normal platelet counts. I am so grateful for your articles. Roger, you are so needed in this current age of Biblical errors we live in. God heal and keep you.

Jessica said : Guest 3 days ago

Praying for your recovery. God Bless You

Jackie Sliter said : Guest 3 days ago

Continuing in prayer for you. The Lord bless you and make his face to shine upon you mr. Oakland.

Ron Norton said : Guest 3 days ago

Wonderful news, We shall continue to remember our friend Roger on a regular basis, before the Throne of Grace. Thanks be to God. Ron Rainhill, England UK

Jennifer Morimune said : Guest 3 days ago

Thank you for the update and praise that it is not life threatening Roger. Will continue praying for your recovery and stabilization on your condition.

Cathy said : Guest 3 days ago

God is good and merciful we are praying for you.

Charlie Latta said : Guest 4 days ago

May the Lord hold you close in His loving arms, brother. Closer each day as we seek that City which is to come...our true home with Him.

Tillie said : Guest 4 days ago

Great news! Praying for a full recovery!

Tonye Ukaa said : Guest 4 days ago

Thank God you are feeling much better. Indeed we will pray for your total recuperation. May the Lord heal you totally.

Terri Abrahm said : Guest 4 days ago

PTL for answered prayer and will continue to pray as God brings you to my mind. So thankful for your books.

Sharon said : Guest 4 days ago

Praise God you are still with us. A wake up call to eat right and take care of yourself. God is not done with you yet!!

Maria Martel said : Guest 4 days ago

Praise God for a good report ! Yes, He is so faithful to answer the many prayers for your recovery. Your ministry has been a great blessing to me and so many others. We will continue to pray.

Joan Segar said : Guest 4 days ago

Roger so glad you are better. prayer changes things, and to we all know the L-rd is coming for us soon. I love you web and teachings, one of the things we are awarded for the most is being soul savers .. what an honor too, to glorify our G-d. Bess you and your family love the Segar Family

Moni said : Guest 4 days ago

Susan, in Oregon we have Functional Medical doctors but they are nationwide. They are often covered by insurance and they take a slightly more natural approach to health. Diet is a major piece. I hope that Mr. Oakland will consider going. Our prayers for continued healing.

Kris said : Guest 4 days ago

Thanking God for your continued improved health 📖🔍❤️🤗

Bob Picard said : Guest 4 days ago

Praise the Lord for the excellent report...

Bro. Dido said : Guest 4 days ago

Praying for you, Bro. Roger

Rebecca said : Guest 4 days ago

What a blessing to get this good report. Agree with the reader about seeing Integrative Dr. Good nutrition does amazing things fir our health. Will continue prayers which are the best “medicine”.

Katherine said : Guest 4 days ago

May God give you comfort and healing, dear Brother.

Donald Johnson& The Ministry said : Guest 4 days ago

I am so glad you are better. God is faithful. Continue to be healed in Jesus' name!

C. Read said : Guest 4 days ago

Mr. Oakland, I am so thankful to hear this wonderful news! I have been very concerned about you ever since I saw the report from “Lighthouse Trails” on Twitter. May the LORD continue to be with you and your healthcare professionals, and those who love and care for you! You will be in my prayers! With the love of Christ, C. Read P.S. May God continue to bless "Lighthouse Trails," and its authors, as you all continue to shine the "True Light" into the Darkness to expose the evil deeds of the Devil!

Estelle Davis said : Guest 4 days ago

Blessings on you and yours Roger.

David Griffiths said : Guest 4 days ago

Dear Roger,I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythaemia,some 6 years ago. I am on a regime of busulphan. And regular blood tests. I take the drug until my Platelet count drops below 400 Then stop taking it .Last time I was only on Busulphan for 2 weeks till down to 400 .That was 18 months ago and my platelet counts every 2 to 3 months are holding below 400 .PTL.I am 79 yrs old and reasonable fit for my agestill doing our lawns and chopping and splitting firewood. Just on a normal diet. Be encouraged Brother. God bless you and keep you. David Griffiths New Zealand.

Rick Capistran (San Diego) said : Guest 4 days ago

Praise God !!! I'll keep praying.

Don Fisk said : Guest 4 days ago

Praise the Lord Glad to hear of the progress

Colleen Blake said : Guest 4 days ago

We are thankful that God is sparing your life at this time. We will continue to be in prayer for you and your family.

paula Moore said : Guest 4 days ago

Praise the Lord!! Drink lots and lots of fresh carrot juice and celery juice together. I had all the symptoms of ms and did this and was healed. Your body will absorb this much better than the so called healthy food, etc. Get a juicer. Drink a quart a day. You need therapeutic helpings . It cannot hurt anything. Your hands may turn orangey on inside. LOL. I had a high powered nutritionist who cured me. Her assistant is now running the business. I will give you her info if you are interested. At least she could tell you, in addition, what vitamins to take. Blessings, Paula Moore

Flora Forbes said : Guest 4 days ago

Exodus 15:26 I do pray for the Lord to heal you , the Lord's servant. Lighthouse Trails is a source for me to go to for researching a ministry or individual's Bible teaching. Grateful for this ministry!

Linda Jenks said : Guest 4 days ago

Will pray for the Lord's healing to touch you and health soon returning. So thankful a diagnosis has been made.

Susan Maines said : Guest 4 days ago

Please offer to Bro. Oakland that he might consider visiting an integrative medicine doctor who might be able to help him witha good diet plan. I live in Winston Salem, NC and I go to Robinhood Integrative Health and I see Dr. Lantelme. Dr. Wiggy is there also. Great office! Praying for your ministry and his recovery.

Therese McNerney said : Guest 4 days ago

Praise the Lord you have a diagnosis. Will pray the Lord's healing now. God bless you

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