1. Deborah C.

    My sister-in-law is deceived by this book. They are now on a mission/vacation trip to Kenya. They have supported a young girl for years and are going to meet her on this trip. I communicated to her our prayers for their safety.
    I knew she had been deeply steeped in Jesus Calling and she sent me a copy years ago enclosing a note of how it had changed her life. My husband, in turn, sent her a copy of Warren Smith’s book, Another Jesus Calling, but I have concluded she did not read it. Her response to me regarding her upcoming trip was, they were going on an adventure and God had a surprise for them and they were so excited to find out what the surprise was and looked forward to sharing with family and friends this great surprise they had yet to encounter.
    Sadly, she cannot see that this response was all about her. Her adventure, her surprise from God waiting for her in Kenya. Everything she wrote had Jesus Calling influence and rhetoric straight from the book, Jesus Calling. It is about feeling good about yourself and God serving you and not you serving God. Sad so many can’t see. If she realized what the message relayed, I am sure she would not have written it, but they are blind and cannot see. This deception is very dangerous and I feel the longer one stays in the deception the less likely they will be able to come out of it because it pulls them deeper into the occult. We are His ambassadors, not the other way around. May God reveal the deception so they can see they are being guided by a counterfeit “Jesus” that Satan has devised for their destruction.
    1 Corinthians 10:21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Jesus Calling is blasphemous in that the author is pretending to be Jesus. I have a feeling that those who use this book do not even bother to read the Bible, so this book is keeping readers away from the Bible. Much prayer is needed for those who have been fooled by this book. Basically Sarah Young was copying God Calling.

    • Jessica Calisher

      I was seduced by this book as well!! I had several different one’s by her. Warren Smith’s book also helped me to get out of it! God is so good to all of us!! He is the only God and there is only one Jesus Christ.

  3. Sunny Rowe

    I picked this up at a bookstore a couple years ago and leafed through it. It “revolted” me, and I felt super critical, as it was apparently a great study. But whenever I see it in a store I want to toss it out. The writer personifies as Jesus Christ. Nobody gets to step into His shoes like that. Only Jesus. I am so happy this sister had her eyes opened through the power of prayer – for those less strong or mature in their walk, this could be a deadly weapon. Lets pray for all those who have been affected by this book. Amen.

  4. CW

    Lillie, I have noticed that same phenomenon with people who are heavily taught and trained in the so-called “prosperity gospel”. Which is really odd, since they emphasize “speaking the Word” so much. To the dear lady who wrote this letter: Thank You! I appreciate so much your humility and transparency. And I thank God for your daughters who were faithful to the Lord to speak their sincere concerns to you. I have shared some concerns like this with my own mother, but she is totally unwilling to hear/listen. So I am very, very impressed with you (I know that’s the work of the Holy Spirit in your life). God Bless You and your whole family! 🙂

  5. Lillie

    Something interesting that I noticed in all my encounters is that many ladies who were reading Jesus Calling were struggling to get into the Word. They seemed to have such a hard time just picking up their Bibles and reading them, when that was not such a big problem before getting into that book by Sarah Young. It seems like spiritual warfare. People who get into the occult get pulled away from God’s Word as there are opposite poles there. It works with sin too, there is a saying that reading the Bible will keep you from sin, but sin will also keep you from reading the Bible.

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