1. Heidi Lavoie

    2Thessalonians Chapter 2 verse 7 & 8 reads :
    “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
    And then shall that Wicked be revealed,”

    In my Scoffield commentary the word “letteth” is said to mean “hindereth”. “that Wicked” is the Beast, (cross references are given from the Book of Revelation and Daniel.)

    This is clear that the Holy Spirit in his people is “he who now hindereth” the revealing of “that Wicked” (the Beast). And when the true believers are removed from the earth, “he who now hindereth” will be taken out of the way and only then shall that Wicked be revealed.
    That will then give way for the Antichrist to make his appearance.
    It is our blessed hope.

  2. CW

    Dear Lillia,
    I am no Bible scholar, but this is the question in my mind as I read your comment: What does “the day of the Lord” refer to, in 2 Thessalonians 2? I think this is key when it comes to the timing of the last days events mentioned here. I have not heard it used to refer to the “gathering together” (some call it the Rapture) of believers, as mentioned in that chapter. I’ve only heard it used (from the OT on) of the time on earth when God’s wrath is poured out on unbelievers who refuse His love and grace. Please understand, I am not arguing with you, just seeking more clarity and understanding in a friendly discussion. 🙂 BTW, I did not read the Left Behind series, but I have heard this viewpoint in churches throughout my whole life, and I’m no spring chicken. This link might be helpful to all of us: https://www.gotquestions.org/day-of-the-Lord.html

  3. Lillia

    For the years that I have been warning of what is to come, it never fails that people will call the first one to pop up the ‘false prophet.’ Why is that? According to the Bible, the antichrist comes first, then the false prophet. (beast 1 and beast 2, who points to beast 1). I am wondering, is this due to thinking that the rapture must come first? Because even that is false. 2 Thess. 2 specifically states that the rapture can’t even come until after the antichrist is revealed. The first thing to be expecting is the antichrist, not the false prophet and not the rapture first. And this does not even get into the timing issue, such as pre trib or not pre trib (but that’s there too in that chapter). So it’s first antichrist, then false prophet, then later rapture, and other things also. But I wonder, are people getting this idea from an apostate book series like ‘Left Behind’? I didn’t read this stuff because I didn’t want it messing with my Biblical facts knowledge. Does anyone know where that idea is coming from? Thanks.

  4. Lee

    Yes Christians, one world religion, one world currency and one world government.
    Is this not bible prophecy, before the second coming???
    To stop it would be like try to stop the Crucifixion???

  5. Marc Gallegos

    Looks like a lamb, speaks like a dragon. The world’s most influential false prophet, deceiving the masses to be partakers of the harlot Rome.

  6. Lillia

    Yes, this is ground breaking for the one world religion. I heard about this earlier too. Lots is going on in that area and we need to ‘keep watch,’ pray, and warn.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    This document shows a total ignorance of Islam on the part of the Pope. Islam by practice and theory is the most violent and oppressive of religions in the world. The Pope should read his Bible and do research on the history of Islam and present-day activities in Islamic countries. We do not worship the same God. The Pope is also antisemitic and does not understand the significance of Israel and the Jewish people in history and prophecy. He supports Israel’s enemies. Pope Pius Xlll signed a concordat with Hitler during the Holocause and did nothing to hinder Hitler’s activities. My grandfather, who left the R. Catholic Church always said that the false prophet would be the Pope. He said this 75 yrs. ago.

  8. CW

    Chrislam has alreadly been a serious issue for several years. This takes that a step farther (“other religions” are mentioned). It’s all leading to the one-world spiritual entity as described in Jesus’ Revelation, which is in rebellion against God. I have a question about this sentence from the website: “The Pope’s chosen papal name honored St. Francis, who was the Islamic unifier during his lifetime.” Does this refer to Francis of Assisi? If so, does anyone have further info about that? I’ve never heard of that before.

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