1. Shirley Roy

    I read a book years ago called The Perry Desmond Story. It was about a man who became a beautiful drag queen and had a sex change. The sex change became infected, his lover ended up in prison and became a Christian, and was praying for Perry. Perry also became a Christian and traveled with Pat Boon and preached calling himself a Eunich for the Lord. A great book book and testimony.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Equality Act bill in congress today, Tues., April 9th is being pushed by the radical Dems. It would criminalize anyone who does not go along with this law. Pastors and Christian business owners would be dragged to court. Call your reps to vote no on this anti-Bible law. The gay-transgender advocates are behind this. Very dangerous to our Christian religious freedoms. Pray this does not pass.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I have always believed that transgender operations and hormones are a serious abuse of a person’s body. Just like the effects of abortion on a woman, transgender treatment often results in depression and regrets. How many suicides are committed by transgender or abortion patients? We will never know because these statistics are not published. My heart breaks for children whose parents or doctors are allowing this travesty of nature. I am a retired teacher. May God help us!

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