1. Lena Wood

    Agree! It occurred to me years ago that our culture was so focused on Islamic terrorists breaking down our doors that the “peaceful” and “tolerant” eastern religions in their many forms were sneaking in the back door.
    The former kills the body. The latter destroys the soul.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Gary G.

    Very good points. I would concur with the idea that all physical assaults have a devious spiritual nature accompanied by the world, the flesh and the devil. Besides Pastors who preach the Whole Counsel of God, a throrough array on both physical, but mostly spiritual ideologies past and present, Worldview Weekend and The Berean Call are it! There you will find abundant research for those who love to delve into such matters redeeming the time.

    Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. II Tim 2:15

  3. Iva

    This is the unpolished truth of the matter. Many church goers have chosen to believe a lie rather than the truth. For different reasons. So they are sent a powerful delusion. Many true Christians are leaving the churches and many are left to find spiritual fellowship in small groups and some are stranded alone, praying for fellowship, praying for strength. These followers of Christ trust in Him. He will never leave us. Our help comes from the Lord. He is a very present help in times of trouble. The Holy Spirit guides, comforts, and teaches us. Our God is mighty. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • Deb

      Lynn, the enemy cannot change God’s word. He may attempt to get the believer to doubt as he did in the garden of Eden; but he can’t change it.

      • wendy wallace

        Satan has changed His Word with every “new version” of what the publishers call Bibles! Jesus is no longer referred to as “His only begotten Son” in John 3:16, or anywhere in these counterfeits (NKJV being the only exception, I think.) That alone makes them all a product of the father of lies, since it changes the nature of Jesus.

    • CW

      Lynn, coming in late on this:

      Jesus told the Pharisees that “with men’s traditions they made God’s Word of none effect” (KJV).

      That is a sobering thought! And we know the Pharisees aren’t the only ones who’ve done this.

  4. Lillia

    So sooooo true. I noticed that too. In fact, and I do make the rounds, I don’t notice anyone anymore warning about anything of a spiritual nature. They don’t warn about false religion, practices thereof, about the new age, cults, apostasy in the church, sin, falling away, etc. And they don’t emphasize what they should; evangelism, discipleship (carry your cross daily), discernment, obedience to and knowledge of the Bible, living a pure and holy life, etc.

  5. CW

    As Dr. Michael Youssef showed recently in a recent book called The Third Jihad (an Islamic term), the current threat to the USA is not so much a physical Islamic invasion but infiltration of our society and culture by Islamists (witness the number in our Congress now, just one example). Which is a spiritual invasion such as you mentioned here in this article.

    Yes, we need to be spiritually attuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He leads His people through these days. He will always show us where the true threat lies and how to overcome it. Glory to God!!!

    • Lillia

      And to tack onto that… what we see is this. There is a spiritual move, and then a physical counterpart. For example, people in Europe have been leaving Christianity behind for many things, and something else comes in to fill the void, and it won’t be good. We see that with the muslim invasion and many more examples today including in the US.

      • CW

        Totally agree with you on this, and all the other comments here, as well. What a blessing it is to “meet” with like-minded believers! 🙂

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