Emerging Church Leaders Say, Don’t Criticize Us

Emerging church leaders have made one thing perfectly clear: those who oppose contemplative/emerging spirituality, who believe what the Bible says about the end times, who take the Bible literally, and who teach on hell and repentance are a problem. According to emerging leaders, these resisters are leaders from Hell, are the cause of the world’s problems, do not care about the poor and needy, and should be silenced. And what is so amazing about that is emerging leaders significantly outnumber their critics, have the support of mass media (both Christian and secular), and are published by the biggest Christian (and secular) publishing companies. But that isn’t enough for them – they want no criticism and no questioning from these people they call fundamentalists.

In a recent article called “Emerging Angle,” Erwin McManus calls the criticism “violent attacks”1 and likens them to war violence. Rick Warren has called these critics one of the big enemies of the 21st century,2 and his co-pastor Dan Southerland calls them “leaders from hell.”3 Tony Campolo says these end-time believing people are the cause of wars, and they care nothing about the human race.4

In McManus’ article, he states “Is it possible that the greatest enemy to what God is doing in the world is the church? The established church is supposed to be the womb of the emerging church. Emerging is not a noun it is a verb. It is not a kind of church but the promise that the church will always prevail.” McManus believes these words. That is why he also has said, “Tthe greatest enemy to the movement of Jesus Christ is Christianity,” and it is his goal “to destroy Christianity.” 5

McManus isn’t alone in this anti-Christian rhetoric. Dan Kimball, another emerging leader, wrote a book called They Like Jesus but Not the Church, where he shares a similar distain for Bible-believing Christians.6

As Roger Oakland documents in his new book, Faith Undone, there was a lot of financial backing to kick start the emerging church. It is amazing that McManus, Kimball, Warren, and the others have the kind of support they do, while their critics side of the story is ignored or scorned by media, and they are limited by small or no budgets to proclaim their warnings, and yet, emerging leaders find these critics to be a threat to their emerging message.

One can only wonder where this will all lead. When the leaders of the emerging church say things like they’ll do “whatever it takes” (Rick Warren) to bring about their new reformation, just how far will they go to accomplish this? One thing is for sure, as Warren and McManus and the others seek to usher in the kingdom of God here on earth (without the physical return of Jesus Christ) and continue to marginalize their “enemy” (Bible-believing Christians), we are reminded that throughout the centuries, those who defended the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ have always been a minority; thus we should not be surprised at what is taking place. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36) and also, “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake” (Luke 21:17).

However, let us not be disheartened: to those of you who know the truth, the truth will indeed set you free. To the believers who continue steadfast in the truth, let us be comforted with these words:

Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love (II John 1:3).

And may the Lord give us strength and courage to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world.

Note: For more information (and documentation) on this movement against the Christian faith and the growing hostility against believers, we beseech you to read the testament of this in Faith Undone. Roger Oakland has faithfully gone around the world sharing the Gospel and warning about the coming apostasy.

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