1. Ralph

    Every major religion, church and denomination I can find is so loaded with lies and deception the only place my family can to turn to is a home church. We have hit the reset button as the reformation did 500 years ago.

    • Iva

      Did you start a home church or is it an organization? I have wondered if Michigan has home churches…I’m happy for your family and you that you have found fellowship. It is so important.

  2. CW

    My question for Sarah What’s-her-name who “channels” Jesus Calling is this: Where did the real Christ Jesus who is revealed in the Holy Bible tell us to “laugh at the future”?

    If He did not say that while He was on earth, would He say that “through” you now? I believe the Bible is clear that this is not true — the Lord says that His Word is settled in Heaven forever.

    Therefore, if you want to be honest, you should immediately repent of claiming that Jesus said something which, it can be proved, He did Not say.

    Will you do this, or will you continue in error?

    • CW

      P.S. And not only continue in error yourself, but continue to lead millions astray? According to God’s Word, you will answer to Him for that.

  3. Iva

    Because they do not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved, God sends them a strong delusion so that they believe a lie. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.
    And the thing is, if a person or an organization such as Lighthouse Trails tries to warn these lost people who fill the churches, they say it is ‘unloving’, or negative or a troublemaker, a disturber of the peace and so forth and so on. Our Lord Jesus warned us, gave clear instruction. As did John the Baptist. Repent( change; turn away from unbelief) Obey the Word of God. If they refuse to listen, wipe the dust off and keep repeating the message of salvation. I don’t think many will listen(read what the Word of God says about the last days) And if we are in the last days, then multitudes will turn away from the Faith. I have not yet found a local church that is free from some, or all, of the “new spirituality.” I suspect that a lot of true believers will have to go on without fellowship of others. God is our refuge and strength. Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you. The Lord Jesus will see us through. No turning back. To what? Psalm 139: 7-12….Wherever we are/ go, God is there!

    • Anon

      I keep seeing comments on here of people saying they had to leave their church / can’t find a good church. I hope this will encourage those who find themselves in similar siutations.

      When our church / pastor began to go astray, we decided that if we left our church it was going to be because they kicked us out. We took many a stand and challenged everyone (as lovingly as possible) firmly, including the pastor and worship leader, both publicly and privately on unBiblical teachings / stances. We coupled this with prayer and fasting, getting involved directly with many of the people in our church and discipling them. By God’s grace, it looks like we are back on the right track, praise Jesus’ name. Don’t let them take down your church without a fight, and if you leave make sure that they feel it and that everyone knows why. Sacrifice your comfort, your reputation, your job (yes, this could have cost us our business), your brothers and sisters are worth it and they deserve to know if they are being led astray.

      • Iva

        I agree and thank you for sharing your most wonderful testimony! We must speak up, loud and clear, with scripture verse backing us, with information too, such as what Lighthouse Trails has… God bless you for speaking up and acting upon your convictions, Anon. I always think of John the Baptist. He did not shy away and he is an example.
        God bless your pastor and the church people whose hearts wanted truth. That’s not always the case and not always the outcome. And when it is not a successful outcome, the people who are out of a church option need encouragement.

      • Montalu Norton

        Oh my goodness how this encourages me! A fellow sister in Christ and I are in the process right now of praying, fasting for our church body. The leaders just will not believe, or even take the time, to check out the heresies going on with the SBC. They still support them financially too. How we pray they will come to the truth, stand with courage and stand with our Lord Jesus Christ before its too late…

  4. Lynne

    Thank you Warren Smith for this very needed article. Everyday now, as we are nearing the rapture, I feel such sadness. I watch and feel this mourning for unsaved loved ones….watching them being part of the world and want to just have a good time and laugh it up. To be in this world now is very sobering. Praise the Lord I have His joy in my heart that only He can give. Everyday I pray for His strength to get through another day. Every morning I think ….one more day closer to going home. Blessings to you Warren Smith

  5. John J

    Laugh? There is a difference in the bible between having joy and “laughter.” Sarah Young is a serious threat to believers who are gullible and not strongly grounded in God’s Word. I think Young is laughable, actually; the demon she “channeled” is also laughable.

  6. Richard

    Thank you, Lighthouse Trails for very excellent interpretation of Scripture and ‘exposing’ the twisted minds in this World. Baruch HaShem.

  7. T. I. Miller

    In Ezek. 33 The Watchman on the city walls were to be ever vigilant for signs of danger heading for the city. If he saw danger coming but failed to sound the alarm the blood of the fallen would be upon his head. When the city did not heed the warning their blood was upon their own head.
    Prophets, just like the watchmen, were to warn Israel that they were going astray.
    God could not depend on the Priests to warn the people. Rather, all to often, they went along with the apostasy as did Aaron in Exodus. Not even the High Priest warned the people or supported the prophets. it was typically the priests and the King that led the attack on the the Prophets. Look at the examples of John the baptist and Jesus.
    More than once it was the church elders that opposed Paul the Apostle. Nothing has changed. if the Clergy were doing their job today, there would be no need for LHTRM to sound the alarm for them. Unity tween light and darkness, tween truth and error is not possible. Every false teaching is against Jesus. all who refuse to fight it, are against Jesus.

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