1. Keith Wilson

    Very soon, this same fate could be faced by parents who dare to provide professional counseling for their minor children to combat unwanted same-sex attractions.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    This arrest of a God-fearing couple and incarceration may be a taste of what all conservative believers may face in the near future. Let us pray for the release and exoneration of this couple. Maybe our President will help them. So shocking and sad.

    • James K

      “may be a taste”

      It not only “may” be a taste, it “will” be a taste. That the US Supreme Court would not hear this case is a complete travesty and is indicative of where the USSC is headed. It is no more conservative now than it was in previous generations. Christians, indeed, all of Christianity cannot trust the black robes judges to stand up for Christian values.

  3. John J

    Although the court is obviously wrong; sadly, the rest of the story (the link) also does not make for sound, normal reading. There are consequences to actions, always.

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