1. T. I. Miller

    Psalm 2 …….” we will not have God rule over us”………..
    Churches that diminish any of the bible to any degree, will not have God rule over them.
    Rom. 13 among other passages also commands believers to submit to their governing authorities who , In America are to be governed by our Constitution. Therefore those who diminish the Constitution are also rejecting God’s rule over them.
    The last thing these psuedo-Christians desire is to live under the direct authority of Jesus ruling over them for a thousand years.
    These phonies may say, ” what would Jesus do”, but they don’t mean it. They may desire to go to heaven but they have no desire to live on earth during a literal millennial Kingdom. A Kingdom directly ruled by the King of kings.
    The better question is, ” How would Holy, Holy, Holy Jesus rule the world”?
    We know the answer to that, it is written in the book of Revelation. Small wonder that there is a growing movement rejecting that inevitability. They say that the Revelation is only a warning not an inevitability.
    They hate the Tribulation because they hate the Creators right to judge them. Likewise they hate the idea of and earthly King Jesus.

  2. Aaron Stewart

    I am sure that we as a nation can find many things that are contributing to the downward spiral of our nation. However, there is one group that must shoulder its share of the responsibility and that is the Church. In the beginning of our nation, the education of our young people was in the hands of the church and young people were taught that it was okay to love this country. As time progressed and the state took over the education of young people, Christians began to retreat to the four walls of the church and allow this to happen. Today, very few church leaders are being heard in the public arena. That is bad enough, but the church itself is being saturated with the Emerging church mentality. It does no good to stress being a good patriot while allowing a system to invade the church and destroy believers from within. It is happening in my church and most churches in America. Our President is doing a good Job, but very little work is being done to change the school system. When the nation abandons the young people in the schools and the church does the same, and christian leaders do not speak out in the public arena, one can see how America can become a third rate country. The only answer is a strong witness in and out of the church.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am expecting to be raptured from this earth before that time when there is no America, since the Lord wants to spare believers from the wrath to come. Whatever happens I will trust in the Lord and remain faithful to Him, even if I am martyred. Many believers are being martyred in foreign countries as we speak. Can we do any less?

    • Iva

      Amen, and thank you for the encouragement, Elizabeth Bennett. Yes, we trust in the Lord for He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. We remain faithful to our Lord Jesus for He surely is our salvation.

  4. Lynne

    Very good article on this Independance Day 2019. Freedom is a word that comes to my mind often these days. I then think about the freedom that comes with knowing Christ as my Savior. Freedom from any man made system or church doctrine. Freedom is to know that nothing can take away my love for Christ and my faith in Him. Only through His love and giving His life for me on the cross can I Have true freedom. Yes, Freedom is what I want to shout…Praise His Wonderful Name!

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