• John J

      Of course, I don’t endorse plainsimplefaith; I endorse no site. I posted the link for the good information on the evil that is Calvinism/reformed “theology,” which, really, is a much bigger threat to one’s eternal destiny than plainsimplefaith can dream to be.

    • Heidi Lavoie

      Thank you for this warning. I checked a church of Christ out online and read their statement of beliefs and there it was, their belief that water baptism is necessary for salvation. Astounding how in one sentence they say they believe we are saved only by grace through faith, and in the next set out a long list of what “faith” includes that we must do to be saved.

  1. Darlene

    Thank you for this posting! I was born & raised into Pentecostal/WOF/Charismatic doctrines; deeply passionate & hungry to know & please Jesus. Through much traumas, I shut off ALL the TV evangelists and totally left. I’m now 68 yrs old and a vacuum was left in my soul; much pain & confusion; many wrong decisions. Being hungry to get the true gospel right, I tried again about 1 year ago and landed at a Reformed Church. I was so humbled by the total difference of what I had previously experienced in previous churches and then about 4 months ago the pastor taught Calvinism. I had never in all these years even heard of that Doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus because I had never gone to Seminary. I was devastated and even MORE confused. Over last few months I have found myself “bucking” going to the church while desperate as I search YouTube on Calvinism which then compares to Arminian belief. I don’t see either one.
    Yesterday, one of the women from the Reformed Church met me for coffee and I left feeling very uncomfortable and disappointed as I thought I’d made a wonderful new friend. She confronted me as to WHY I wasn’t coming to church (she knew I was also dealing with my sister who has recently been hospitalized with seizures and I’ve been helping there). I told her I was researching about Calvinism and was really NOT able at this time to see that presentation of the gospel and that I just wanted JESUS……..not another Doctrine and that it felt like just another False Doctrine that I am trying to recover from. I cannot even explain the sadness I feel over this. She is now texting me saying she’s sorry she made me uncomfortable and that she’s very concerned about where I’m at spiritually and is praying that I’ll be humble and make decisions that honour God.
    I came across Dave Hunt on youtube, Carl, and Warren B. Smith etc and they have been helpful in my journey.
    Please pray for my spiritual healing and that Jesus shows me with total assurance the correct Gospel Doctrine. Are there ANY churches that TEACH the pure Gospel line by line without man’s theories?
    Should I just continue to attend this church because as my coffee friend said yesterday, I’ll fall away if I stop going.
    Thank you again for this helpful explanation! Thank you for prayer.

    • John J

      The threat of “falling away” is a tactic to keep you there and in spiritual bondage. Scripture says we should not cease “meeting together,”; it says zilch about attending a Sunday club that teaches another Jesus. Church attendance did not save you; Jesus saved you…past tense. It is done. Be happy!
      Have nothing to do with that false church; start a home fellowship if you don’t find a true biblical church. Home fellowship (not home church or cell groups or Bible “study”) is simply meeting with the born-again saints, and is biblical. It is straight out of the Book of Acts, nothing of man added.

  2. T. I. Miller

    ” come ” is defined as a command.
    When the police say come, it is a command.
    When a General says come it is a command.
    When a king says come it is a command.
    When the King of kings and the Lord of lords says come it is a command.
    Jesus did not say to Peter please come and follow Me.
    Jesus did not say Lazarus please come forth.
    Jesus never asked a demon to please come out of the possessed.
    The gospel is not a pleading it is a command.
    “Come unto me and I will give you rest”, is not the Creator begging on bended knee for His creation to come. We can refuse to obey His command. Yes Jesus so loved the world but it is also written, love not the world nor the things of the world for the love of the world is enmity towards God. The state of man in his fallen condition is written in Psalm 14.
    Job 40;1-8 Will you even put me in the wrong? Will you condemn me that you may be Justified?
    Gods ways are not our ways. God is love. He is also Holy, Holy, Holy.

  3. Linda Villani

    So grateful for your information as I learned Calvinism thru Seminary—however we must understand “God’s pleasure to operate in His own way”…
    Linda in Texas

  4. John J

    Thanks for the continual warnings against this evil. Indeed, the Calvinist/Reformed cult’s “god” is not the Biblical God. There’s nothing more to it; they are no worse or better than Scientology or any of the thousands of cults.Read this article (it will explain this evil manmade doctrine even more):


  5. Mike Coward

    If God’s will is all be saved and Satan is Antichrist, then they are opposed and no contradiction. But, if God’s will is some be saved, that necessarily means God desires some to not be saved. Calvinism means God and Satan share the same will that souls aren’t saved. To equate Jesus and Satan with the same goal is heresy of the highest degree.

  6. Brenda S. Adams

    This is an eye-opener! Thank you for clarifying and defining what “Calvinism” really means. I’ll be sharing this one…

  7. Lois A Verhaeghe

    Hard to believe people actually believe this . As a former Catholic their belief that only “saints” go to heaven and NOT everybody ,I find that Calvinism is similar in that belief . So sad that people follow this teaching.

  8. Iva

    About a year ago a friend called to tell me he was now attending a Baptist church where the minister had shared Calvinism with him. He believed that he was one of the ‘chosen’ since childhood. I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about. I knew the word, ‘Calvinism’ but never researched the subject. I told him I didn’t understand and he said he didn’t understand it either but he believed it. After I researched the subject, which seemed to me total nonsense and an insult to our Lord Jesus Christ, I mailed him the book, None Dare call it Heresy, by Bob Kirkland. Also mailed him the book, What Love is this?, by Dave Hunt(excellent book of info!). The best book is Bible scriptures in context. I lost my friendship with this person over this and I feel badly about it but I would feel far worse if he didn’t have the opportunity to reconsider and run from this heresy of Calvinism. Perhaps he will reconsider, by and by.

    • Heidi Lavoie

      Yes, Dave Hunt’s book is excellent. I derive great benefit whenever I reference it. It should be so clear that when one has to rip Bible verses from their context and from the clear meaning, and even change the meaning of the words, it amounts to heresy and false doctrine constructed. I do not understand how a person who believes in unconditional election can say they absolutely know they are one of the elect. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  9. Jamie in Illinois

    I have not read this book, but read Dave Hunts book TULIP, and it pretty much floored me. Hard for me to believe that people claiming this belief, actually know the depths of what it teaches. I would think the Holy Spirit would be screaming at them. I pray for wisdom and discernment and truth daily!! There but for the grace of God go I , I suppose. I often wonder why I know what I know, and others don’t.

    • Francisco

      Hunt also wrote WHAT LOVE IS THIS? (Calvin’s Misrepresentation of God). TULIP is a consice version of that book.

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