1. As a biblical counselor the title of your post “The Deeper Teaching About “the Self” …” got my attention. I counsel people every week that are “trapped by the delusion” that their problems are due to low self-esteem. I recently wrote a post titled “Self-Esteem Sanctification”. The delusion is the more one loves himself the more like Christ he becomes. I hope you have time to read it.

    Let me know what you think?

    David M Tyler,

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Another part of this worship of self and of creation is the saying being used now that the body can heal itself. I replied that God can heal when He chooses to heal. The Apostle Paul had an infirmity that really bothered him, and he implored the Lord to heal it, but God chose not to heal it. We cannot argue with God. We can do everything right as far as health and still get cancer, unfortunately. This is a fallen world. Someday there will be no more cancer, when our Lord returns to rule.

  3. T. I. Miller

    Ezek. 18: 25-28 simply put declares that a mans latter state matters more than a mans former state. A wicked man who repents and does what is lawful has saved his life. A righteous man turns to iniquity he shall die for it. Every Law of Moses is a reflection of God’s character.
    Paul puts it differently for those in the grace covenant. 1 Cor. 9: 24 …lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified. Far too many famous Christians are in their latter lives turning away from the truth. Their former walk cannot set aside the sin of their latter walk. LHTR has over the years documented a large list of them. They should not expect a, ” well done thou good and faithful servant”, from God on judgment day.
    There is another evil that is just as bad. The sin of remaining silent. The sin of not boldly defending the faith. This often is masked as being a good thing. “We should be known not for what we are against but by what we are for” or “lets be for unity not for being divisive”. I would refer them to Lev. 5:1 paraphrased: if you know of a transgression and remain silent God imputes upon you the guilt of that transgression. As shepherd they are all also watchmen on the wall. Ezek. 3: 17-19 paraphrased: , If you watchmen fail to warn the people then the blood quit will be upon your hands. To remain silent, by default, they become not only ear ticklers they become proponents of false teachings. Jesus said that whoever is not with Him is against Him. Jesus also said that those who love Him keep His commandments. Boldly defending the faith is a command it is not an option for those who truly, ” love the lord God above all”

  4. Heidi Lavoie

    Also, I did not know that the term “New Age” has been now replaced with “consciousness revolution”. Makes sense though, in light of what we see happening.
    Dave Hunt has some excellent books, two I have are:
    “Occult Invasion” and “Peace, Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust”. Both excellent, and he did his homework and research! He was sounding the trumpet over 30 years ago about the horrible apostasy coming into the church and the new age into society. He didn’t think it could get worse then! Dave’s books show incredible insight into what happened/is happening and how it relates to historical events like the Nazi era also. I highly recommend his books and lectures.

  5. Victor

    I see the distinction between ‘creator’ and ‘created’, but how does that distinction refute the idea that the entire physical universe was created, including our bodies, but that spiritually we are and always have been a part of the spirit that did the creating, we just can’t see it?

    Satan’s lie was not that he said Eve “ye shall be as gods”, they did as God said (Gen 3:22). What he did was lie by twisting God’s Word when he said “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” That led to disobeying God, the sin she and Adam committed.

    I think the truth lies in admitting that we must know (see), or become, something more than we are (the proof we are not ‘god’ – because if we were we’d know it!). Thus we must be “born again”, and made into a “new creation” to be more than we are. This comes through salvation – forgiveness, which can only be obtained by first admitting a need for it and then accepting we cannot obtain it by any of our own means (outside of self), but only by receiving it by grace through faith in Christ – the gospel.

  6. Heidi Lavoie

    Great article! It really sums up what Carl Teichrib is telling us in his book, Game of Gods. He goes into great detail from almost every conceivable angle as to how this is all shaping up now in the world. And it is accelerating rapidly now. “Climate change” propaganda, according to a BBC article I just read this morning, is putting it all into fast forward mode now. Literally thrusting it into high gear and endeavoring to force the changes upon us that they believe are necessary to thwart the “imminent disaster our planet is headed for”. They now have a goal of “doing something about it” in 18 months as opposed to the 12 year time constraint goal they had been pushing up until now. This is all a push to usher in world government. The hour is late. The “churches” are ripe to be absorbed into the “oneism” religion as they take on more and more political correctness in their position on everything the NWO dictates is necessary to fit in. It is truly about “self worship” but also a multi-faceted monstrous spirituality that is taking shape which includes worship of the earth. It is really anything but Biblical Christianity. Thank you Mr. Randles for putting so succinctly in your article!

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