1. CW

    I’ve never subscribed to CT, but I have seen their online version, how error-filled, leftist/socialist political, and spiritually destructive it is. I subscribed to Charisma for several years, found some good teaching among the rest, but it has become so far out (spiritually) in recent years, I dropped my subscription.

    Recently I got a postcard in the mail saying that a pastor who has a column in the magazine was “sending me a six-month gift subscription”. So I am getting the magazine again. I got one in the last week and the vast majority of it was still beyond the pale.

    I wonder if others are dropping their subscriptions too, and if that’s why they’re sending them out as gifts? If so, I pray the editors and people who contribute articles will truly seek the Lord, His true Word, so they can hopefully turn and repent of the error they have promoted.

  2. John J

    I’ve seen only ONE Christian “magazine” ever . . . a top-selling book called the Bible. Heard of it? Its Author is Divine.

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