1. T. I. Miller

    I see foundational errors with proponents of communism be they secular or theological.
    They all treat the symptoms but never cure the disease, nor can they.
    They only see the rich vs the poor the oppressor and the oppressed. Therefore, they errantly assume, the only cure can be by involuntary wealth transference, via an authoritarian government.
    The real problem is the fall of man and therefore the world. They cannot use government regulations to bring and end to greed and envy or sloth nor a host of relevant sins.
    No amount of redistribution can solve this. Sadly huge portions of the church are practicing voluntary redistribution and calling it missionalism. The vast majority of them omit the verbal great commission. Like the communists they shelter, cloth and feed them but leave them dead in their sins. Like the, virtue signaling, secular redistribution advocates they also enjoy the praise of men for their good works.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Common Core Curriculum that was initiated byPrez O. a few yrs. ago on public schools has failed to improve the scores of our children. In fact, their scores on state tests dropped. There is a liberal, anti-American, Islamic slant to the books. I am a retired public school teacher. I have seen the books. Another dumbing down of our children. As Stalin once said, uninformed citizens are useful idiots.

  3. CW

    This is such a timely and important article! Thanks so much for it. We need to know what is happening in every quarter so we know how to pray and find out from the Lord what He would have us do.

    Thanks too for linking Berit Kjos’ fine article on this topic. Although it’s a few years old, it is timely as well, because socialism/communism (David Horowitz, reared by a family like Obama’s to be a dedicated Communist, says there is no real difference) has reared its ugly head and has done this so suddenly that it has caught a lot of people off guard.

    Kjos gives the historical chronology of creeping socialism in America. It is very important for us to see this. The Lord has led me, without my even knowing about them beforehand, to read some autobiographies of some very famous Americans, and I’ve been astonished to learn that many of them were/have been closet socialists/communists, very active in activist groups behind the scenes, giving huge sums of money to the cause.

    It has been sadly interesting to see how many of them were/have been affiliated with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Her close association with Saul Alinsky was not widely known during the 2016 election, but that was a hugely important part of the overall picture, and now it has grown far beyond them. Every American needs to know all about this.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Pope is a Jesuit. He has shown leftist leanings from the beginning and also liberal comments concerning homosexuality. Ignatius Loyola invented the Spiritual Disciplines and Spiritual Formation.

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