1. CW

    T. I. Miller said, “Unity within the church walls is more important than truth.”

    I saw this firsthand back in the ’90s when a bachelorette party was being planned at my then-church. When I got the invite in the mail and saw the line “Prudes are not welcome”, I knew that something was seriously amiss.

    I called the pastor’s wife (she was always involved in all such things and helped to plan them) to share my concerns. She said that church unity was at stake! IOW, don’t rock the boat — just go with the flow. I asked her, what about purity? And what kind of unity does a church have without it?

    At that point she said she would have to consult with her husband, the pastor. Later she called me back to say the party had been cancelled, BUT from then on I was a marked woman. Those other women resented my “interference” with their fun.

    BTW, it occurred to me that God’s Word says that prudence is a valuable thing, i.e., “The prudent man foresees the evil and hides himself, but the simple man goes right on and is punished for it.” (Proverbs)

    How like the world to disparage prudence with the word “prude”. But why would a church adopt the world’s definition of words and abandon their Biblical meaning?

  2. AnneBrit

    Almost stayed clear of all of it, mayby because I haven’t played church much. Praise Jesus for the internet.
    If something sounds wrong, I can just check out the criticism, and pray over it.
    It’s amazing what pops up in my feed. It has even killed off my belief in evolution and cosmology. Now I know where all the constants in physics came from!

  3. T. I. Miller

    Who suspected that seminaries, pastors and elders would be actively leading the charge into apostasy?
    They focus entirely on the churches vision which is the pastors vision.
    Then they take the position that whoever is against the pastors vision is also against Jesus.
    Unity within the church walls is more important than truth.
    Lastly they ignore their God given commission to be the watchers on the wall the sheep dogs fighting off the wolves.
    They are the most uniformed Christians on the planet when it comes to this present apostasy movement.
    The love the seat of honor.

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