1. Rodney Hanna

    Thank you so much Richard for sharing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ . It is such a simple message yet religion with all its rules and regulations makes it so complex. It is the difference between law and grace. ” he who the lord sets free is free indeed ” this verse of scripture certainly applies to you Richard. What I find especially refreshing is that like Paul the apostle you were zealous for every one else to know the truth. Dear brother you definitely ran the race and have heard the words from God “Well done God and faithful servant ” .
    The curse of purgatory as invented by the papist church so as to rule and insight fear and control does not have any hold of your life. Jesus said ” you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free “. How can anyone know the truth if they don’t read the bible which is spirit breathed by God. I love all Catholics, they are Good and sincere people , but hate the deception of the papish system. I pray by the power of the Holy Spirit they will be set free just as you were Richard.

  2. L.W.

    Richard Bennett’s testimony, his books, and videos have greatly enriched my Christian life. I am sad he is no longer on the earth doing his good ministry for the Lord, but now he is in heaven worshipping Him, which is wonderful. He will be greatly missed. May the Lord watch over his loved ones and keep his videos and books available for future hungry souls…………And thank-you Lighthouse Trails for letting your followers know about Richard Bennett, and may God keep your ministry flourishing as well!

  3. Josh

    My father Robert Champagne was a friend of Richard and one of the 50 priests mentioned in his book Far from Rome Near to God. May he Rest In Peace and be resurrected to new life in Christ. Prayers for the family as you mourn his passing.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    My father, grandfather and an uncle left the R.C. church and became pastors and evangelists. I lived in Spain for 5 yrs. and did see the instruments of torture and death that were used during the Inquisition. The Inquisition was totally inspired by Satan; the Bible was banned during much of these dark ages. Only priests and the Pope were allowed to read the Bible, and it had to be in Latin. The believers who started to flourish in France and Spain were all killed by order of the R.C. church. Since the Protestants have been systematically killed it is extremely difficult to win R.C. to the Lord even now. My son and daughter have been missionaries in Spain and for many yrs.

  5. Crystal, UK

    what a glorious testimony his life was! His book Far From Rome, Near to Christ is absolutely fantastic and an eye-opener, especially for those who think that Catholicism is just another denomination of Christianity. Thank God for the life of this man and the transformation of his life. Glory to God.

    • stephanie breaux

      The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church gave the world the Bible. The Protestant churches followed centuries later. if you read Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins you will be inspired by their conversions.

      • In one of the books Scott Hahn wrote, he makes it clear right away that he believes, as do most Catholics, that Catholic Church doctrine and tradition overrides the Bible (i.e., the Bible is not viewed by the RC as the final authority on spiritual matters; it is secondary to the RC).

      • paula evans

        Hi Stephanie
        I was saved by Christ alone, walking in my garden.
        Never asked for Him nor desired Him, I cried out for the truth a voice behind me said “Its Jesus Christ” I was filled with a torrent of love I thought I was going to melt, I didnt realise that it was Christ baptising me with the Holy Spirit, as I had never read the Bible nor was brought up in a religious house. Just Christ. he alone saves.
        Rome is not needed for salvation.
        Born of the Spirit , not of man.
        I ask God to open your eyes and see the risen Christ sitting at the right hand of God.
        Whom alone saves.

    • Ann

      Any religion that brags about converting a Catholic priest and then consistently denigrates the Catholic faith is not a religion of Christ. His faith was obviously not strong enough. Our Father is cleaning house and you all along with it. The faithful will remain. Iconoclastic, Unchristian, people like yourselves are at the bottom of the heap. Jesus knows it and so do we! We were are all saved! Try being a Christian for a change!

  6. charles

    he is with jesus christ his lord and saviour
    absent in the body present with the lord.
    2nd cor5-8. i pray for lost roman catholics
    cult, orthodox cult, liberal protestant churches
    they would see what a testimony he was for jesus christ

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