1. As a follower of Christ (rescued out of New Age/Occult/Hippiedom thinking) for the past 42 years and from being involved in the natural health field for 41 years, I attest to what you are saying. This thinking has now infiltrated every aspect of medicine, not just integrative and alternative branches. Very few are holding the teachings in the health field at large up to the light of scripture. I have not read your booklet, but from reading this blog I would like to suggest you include scripture that upholds the real deal for people to compare. The government used to teach forgery spotters, not by showing them forgeries but by having them become so familiar with the official monetary currency that they could spot any deviation.

    My own study on this subject has yielded the following and I think it may be appropriate to include some of it here. Consulting Strong’s Concordance…

    Matthew 22: 37-40.
    “love” in verses 37 & 40 (Greek #25) – to love (in a social or moral sense) [head as affection (heart)], SEE ‘love’ (Greek #5368) in Matthew 23:6 is “phileo” to be a friend, fond of; personal (I would italicize personal) attachment as a matter of sentiment or feeling; #25 is wider, embracing especially the judgment & deliberate (I would italicize deliberate) assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty, or propriety (I would italicize the assent of the will).

    “heart” (Greek # 2588) the “heart” i.e. figuratively the thoughts or feelings (I would italicize these 2 words); also (by analogy) the middle (I would italicize middle)

    “soul” (Greek 5590) from 5594; breath (I would italicize breath), i.e. (by implication) spirit (I would italicize spirit), abstract or concrete (the animal – I would italicize animal – sentient principle only; thus distinguished from 4151 which is the rational & immortal soul, and from 2222 which is mere vitality, even of plants).

    “mind” deep thought (I would italicize both deep and thought), properly the faculty (mind or its disposition) by implication its exercise – imagination, mind, understanding.

    He wants ALL of us, every thought captive unto Christ – both superficial and deep – committing our will, our animated (animal) bodies, and our imagination/working mind and understanding to meditating on his word, on Him.

    In Christ,
    Gail Littell

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    I miss Carol Matrisciana and Ray Yungen. They were taken so soon from us, but we have their videos and writings, praise the Lord!

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