1. GR

    I am from a family of 7 siblings. My parents are still alive at 84 and 85 respectively. We were raised in a very catholic home, (one that we actually prayed the rosary to a 4 foot statue of Mary in our living room) I was the only one of 7 kids to attend catholic school past the 8th grade. I attended through the 10th. At about 19 years old God so graciously opened my eyes to the falsehood of Catholicism. I was the first of all 9 of us to be saved out of this false belief system. Now all have come out.

    Sadly some are involved in apostate churches that are going back to Rome. I was in men’s leadership at Harvest Christian Fellowship [Greg Laurie’s church] for 6 years and Jesus brought us out of there in 1997, revealing to me many things that I now have much better understanding to that were and are unbiblical there. I am appalled and disgusted that their leadership is intentionally uniting with Catholics and giving their hugely influential power as a not so tacit approval of the very false system that Jesus Christ so graciously saved a whole family of 9 out of.

    I guess according to the enlightened so called evangelical leaders today, God wasted His time in revealing to me and countless thousands of former Catholic that we needed to come out of her.

    It is my prayer that those still within Catholicism who genuinely have faith in the Savior of the Bible will heed God’s command to come out of her.

    This article was truly disturbing to me and sadly not much these days shocks me.

    • Steven Schock

      Great reply, thanks, I know you’ve paid a great price for contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints…

    • Ron

      Amen. Many are seeking the truth and God is showing us the real truth. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND FAITH.

  2. MS

    I love that you have provided us with two perspectives on this matter. It demonstrates your dilligence – you cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

    Thank you.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    How could the Pope allow this horror? More signs that the False Prophet could come from Rome, namely the Pope. This is sickening. Our own abortion industry is doing the same thing here in America.

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