1. Windy

    What should be a huge discernment red flag in this article is the statement of “although native people can sometimes see into the spiritual world of darkness” That is just as, if not more so, demonic as a pagan dream catcher idol itself. ANY lost person group communing or seeing into a false demonic world are all the same category throughout time from the beginning. Period. Nothing ‘normal’ or ‘casual’ about American Indian statement of connecting with dark demons, as that’s what it is. My Sioux Indian historical family member was rejecting just the same as my german and other ancestors, along with my current family (for now) as i was until 2014; praise God!

  2. James

    After I placed a dream catcher in my bedroom, I started to experience dark and disturbing dreams. I disposed of the dream catcher and the dreams stopped. Rather than preventing bad dreams, it attracted them.

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